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Quality is gold, a complete guarantee -- V2 obtains ISO 9001 certification

Nov 27, 2008

In November 2008, Beijing V2 Technology Limited Company was pleased to obtain ISO9001:2000 quality certification. In more than three years of establishing a quality management system, V2 Technology has worked strictly on the basis of standard quality assurance practices and organized "quality standards assurance" training for its entire staff. It has passed the quality system examination with flying colors and gained a very positive evaluation from the quality assurance examiners. ISO9001 is the standard of quality authentication. The company can, having passed the evaluation, give an assurance that they can provide stable and effective goods and services that meet the requirements of customers and are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. The attainment of this certification means that the company has already established an optimal set of quality control systems in the areas of management, production, supply, distribution, marketing and after sales services.

In recent years the growth of the video conferencing industry has been rapid. The proliferation of vastly differing solutions has left customers confused and bewildered as to which to select. As far as the customer's experience is concerned, the most important thing is the reliability and safety of the system, and the overall quality of the service.  This is also an important factor in deciding whether a product can be substantially developed. Industry insiders will say frankly that the stability and safety of video conferencing systems is what is most worrying to people. To pass ISO9001 certification every detail of the product design, quality control, and service workflow must be rigorously controlled to guarantee that the quality of the product and service is up to the required standard so that from sourcing to service turnaround the customer experience is the best it can possibly be. The CEO of V2 Technology, Mr. Dan Yang has said, "Quality control systems certification is one of the ways in which software companies can improve their own quality control systems, V2 Technology's objective in obtaining this certification is to provide the best possible products and services and thereby increase the overall value to the customer." Presently, V2 Technology has thrown all its resources into creating a new service, technology, commerce and operating team, whose exceptional technical and operating service strengths guarantee flexible and variable solutions according to customers' requirements. V2's on-site and on-line technical service is industry leading and unique and provides consistent high quality solutions to its clients.

"Top rank business, rigorous management, superlative products and prompt service" are the goals of V2. V2 Technology's relevant departmental managers fully support the entry of the ISO9001 quality control assurance system into the field of video conferencing software. The ISO9001 system can assure excellent product quality, and is also helpful in ensuring effective high-quality products and services and enhancing customer satisfaction.   The quality assurance certification is being accepted by more and more nations and regions and has already become international practice. The award of the ISO9001 certification to V2 Technology demonstrates the company's strength and professionalism, and also helps promote the continuous progress of the video conferencing industry.