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The financial crisis makes network video conferencing a "priceless treasure"

Feb 12, 2009

My information is that Mr Liu Chuan Zhi, the senior manager who has recently come out of retirement to rejoin Legend Holdings, used video conferencing systems several times to hold important discussions and conferences. In a video conference, regardless of whether the participants are separated by a ten minute stroll or a ten hour flight, they can exchange ideas and information freely as though they were in the same room.  The implication is that people no longer have to spend their working hours waiting for the phone, E-mail, fax or messenger. In a word, video conferencing means they are effectively "sitting together".

As everyone knows, top managers in the course of their work are frequently faced with miscellaneous problems coming from all directions and requests to attend conferences in all parts of the country, and frequent business trips are a normal feature of their work. At the same time, new problems and conflicts are becoming evident: the cost and wasted time involved in management business trips; how to allow the whole enterprise to communicate effectively and campaign in coordination; how to allow the most talented people to emerge from the mass and so on. In the face of these problems, traditional telephone, mail, fax are obviously not adequate to the task.  For these reasons, not only the top managers at Legend, but top managers in every company are searching for new methods of communication. Firstly, they want completely clear and stable audio and video on a normal broadband Internet connection; secondly, they want high cost-effectiveness while keeping the product quality unimpaired and reducing the implementation cost, maintenance cost and so on.  Thirdly they want strong data capabilities so as to be able to exchange data, explore and develop conference facilities in all kinds of departments.

At present, although there are plenty of video conference system manufacturers and quite a lot of possible solutions, they fall mainly into the following three categories: traditional suppliers whose systems depend on dedicated hardware and dedicated lines: these kinds of systems require the installation of a dedicated network so are expensive to install and maintain while they allow a relatively small number of people to participate in conferences. It is hard for them to provide data capabilities and management facilities beyond the immediate environment of the video conference and they don't meet the requirements of senior management. Mixed software and hardware systems, on the other hand, can be easily expanded to the desktop, but image and audio quality still require improvement and they are somewhat unstable and relatively costly to maintain. Finally, Internet based pure software systems, which can easily adapt to complex network environments and give comparatively good audio, video and data transfer capabilities on the basis of an ordinary broadband network. These can effectively reduce costs while still guaranteeing clarity. Through competition with many kinds of outmoded systems, the V2 Conference video conference system has come to the attention of senior managements everywhere.

V2 Conference system is a multi-media video conference system which uses a web page as its basis. As long as the hardware and the bandwidth are adequate it can provide high clarity multi-channel real time audio and video conferencing. On the basis of the cutting edge international H.264 encoding standard, V2 Conference optimizes this encoding method for practical use on a wide area network. The system can adapt to anything from a 56 Kbps line up to the fastest available broadband environment. On a wide area network, as long as there is 6.3 Kbps of network bandwidth available, fluent transmission of audio can be attained. The video frame rate also varies constantly according to the client terminal bandwidth and the rate of image capture. At the same time, V2 Conference system supports firewalls and NAT so that businesses don't need to alter their network configurations but can simply install the software into their existing network environments.

V2 Conference system requires no additional hardware and provides technical support 24 / 7 to avoid the need for specialist maintenance personnel on the customer site. It is a comprehensive and powerful communications platform. It can allow conference groups to enjoy expandable and seamless participation on the basis of existing budgets. V2 Conference system abandons the traditional system of cooperation based on files in a specific location, providing an industry leading method of cooperative data sharing based on XML which requires minimal bandwidth and offers maximum compatibility. It can preserve the original state of Office documents and allow multi-user operations. It makes shared data operations prompt, flexible and rewarding. Users of V2 Conference system also have access to other easy to use data sharing operations such as an electronic whiteboard, directory sharing, file sharing, shared browsing, desktop sharing, application software sharing, electronic voting, electronic referenda, agenda preparation etc to increase the speed and efficiency of communications.

Through practical comparisons, top managers at Legend Holdings decided that V2 Conference system was the right choice for their group. Already this conference system has become an essential everyday office tool for every top manager in the group. Top managers no longer have to rush madly about every day attending all sorts of meetings, using the V2 system they can easily confer with clients, business partners and colleagues as though face to face. By increasing communication and cutting travel costs they have increased productivity and allowed senior managers to allocate resources more effectively and speed up the decision making process.

Legend Holdings' application of the system also allowed top managers in all kinds of enterprises to become familiar with video conferencing and to understand the value of video conferencing systems. One top manager in a famous company said that V2 Conference system gave top management the best possible audiovisual experience. By placing themselves in a virtual environment with colleagues top management can converse freely together and feel they have had a worthwhile experience. Directional sound, high clarity video and one-touch installation comprise a powerful working and cooperative platform, as soon as they walk in the office and log on they can immediately be calling a conference.

Currently, TCL, Bird, Langchao Group, Digital China, Taiwan University Optical Technology LLC, Wuxi Huarun Microelectronics Group,  Beijing Gangwan Networks, ChinaHR, Coca Cola (China), Wal-Mart, Supor, Galanz, Dalian Wanda Group, Petrochina management department, Capitol Steel and Iron Works, Xuji Electric, Hafei Automobile, Yunnan Baiyao Group, Shenzhen Airlines, Jiangsu Damao Advertising and many other national and international companies have successively installed V2 videoconferencing systems which have received the unqualified approval of their top managers.

While these companies were using the system, V2 Technology continually added new functionality so as to satisfy their emerging business requirements. V2 Technology's 24 / 7 expert help desk also relieved any concerns about the future. The quality of the product has been recognized and reflected in the purchasing choice of more and more companies who say that V2 Conference system results in less and less top management time being wasted on business trips with consequently more time available for communication with their employees and faster decision making.