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Success begins with communication. The V2 Conference system creates a business intelligence net

Feb 18, 2009

What's the driving force behind a successful business? Certainly not money in the bank or a vast factory. It's the knowledge that each of your employees has in his or her head. Countless business leaders complain, why are their employees so less efficient than other firms' employees? Why do they lack initiative so much that they let even the best market opportunities be sniffed out and exploited by competitors. As often as not this kind of problem is not caused by the employees' lack of talent, but simply by lack of effective communication.

It's often the case, for front line employees, that communication between managers of branch offices and policy makers at head office is the greatest bottleneck in allowing a business to use its latent intelligence. How market information gets swiftly reported back, gathered, analyzed and used as a basis for scientific policy making must depend on modern tools of communication. As a world leader in video conferencing technology production, we at V2 have for many years devoted ourselves to the construction of "intelligence networks" for successful industries, to allow them to grasp every detail of market conditions as fast as possible and apply team effort to the formulation of the best possible strategies.

Using modern telecommunications and multi-media communications technology, V2 Conference system has successfully implemented a number of exemplary global solutions.  In many companies in Russia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, etc, government organizations have used V2 Conference system to establish a modern and scientific coordinated working system. Amongst some we could mention, in the technologically advanced and quality conscious environment of Japan V2 products have satisfied world famous companies such as Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Sanyo, Panasonic Research and been widely recognized as a nationally crucial software communications product trademark.

This outstanding market performance is intimately connected with V2's persistent spirit of innovation. In the world of software video conferencing systems, V2 was the first to use the cutting edge GIPS audio channel control technology, nationally it was the first to use the XMPP protocol framework, globally it was the first to present a software video conferencing system attaining 1080p high resolution video to the public. In recent years V2's product research and development has continually exceeded the most advanced international standards, providing supreme quality video conferencing products to national governments, enterprises and institutions.

Although a state of the art product, this does not come at the price of stability. The V2 Conference system complies with "telecoms level" stability requirements, which guarantee that the business will not, during the lifespan of the product, suffer breakdowns due to the product itself. The V2 software video conference system has acquired ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance certification, HP Company ISV certification, it has been selected as the Huawei software video conferencing system and is an important Intel Early Access Program (EAP) partner. In the 10 years of the product's history, high volume consumer sales companies like Coca Cola and Wahaha, basic industries like telecoms companies, Capital Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, government and military departments and educational establishments such as the Department of Agriculture, General Staff Headquarters, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, have all united in their appreciation of the excellence of the V2 software video conference system.

As a world leader, for 5 years the leading supplier of video conferencing software in the Asia Pacific region , V2 especially emphasizes the humanization of its software design. Whether it is basic telecoms equipment, or compatibility with products from other suppliers, or basic installation and security, V2 Conference system has unique cutting edge technology in every department.

On a basic telecoms network, V2 can provide anything from a dedicated network to a mixed network solution, even down to connecting via the Internet. At the same time it supports distributed server allocation, with system computing resources providing mutually assured backup, systems can be upgraded and extended at will so as to satisfy stability requirements and the need for ease of use and low cost expandability. V2 Conference Ultra high-capacity conference system explodes the technical capacity limits of foreign enterprises towards software video conference systems, allowing upwards of 1,000 users to participate in one conference room and allows for an unlimited number of conference rooms.  Super high capacity technology and 1080p terminal technology together form V2's most powerful weapon in the battle for the international market in video conference systems.

The V2 software video conferencing system is also superbly adapted to coping with different network bandwidths and varying line conditions, and is compatible with quality hardware products from a great many manufacturers. Using its own patented multi-media real-time forward error-correction methods and bandwidth adaptation algorithms plus cutting-edge encoding methods, the V2 product can adapt to networks of all kinds of bandwidth from high-bandwidth optical fiber down to ordinary ADSL while still satisfying the requirements of "smooth conferencing". At the same time, users of V2 Conference don't need to worry about their conference equipment becoming outmoded. V2 use SIP, H.232 standard protocols in their development and are compatible with Tandberg, Polycom, Huawei, Sony and many other hardware manufacturers' products.

Video conference systems are designed to help solve interpersonal communications problems. Simplicity of installation and simplicity of operation are crucial. The V2 software uses a B/S framework and only requires the installation of special software on the server after which any client terminal can simply use IE to download and use it. The majority of system operations are very similar to familiar computer operations, especially the software designed for use by ordinary conference participants which is very like "QQ" and "MSN" and similar chat software - - any user with basic computer skills can easily teach themselves to manage the basic operation of V2 Conference system.

In the light of the current global financial crisis a worldwide trend towards cutting down on unnecessary business travel has already emerged. As a timely solution to the problems of long distance visual and audio communications, video conferencing software is quick to deploy, simple to use and inexpensive. It is becoming a major intellectual development resource for large numbers of astute businesses and a major tool for establishing enterprise-wide knowledge networks. In this kind of situation, as a world leader with the major market share for video conference software in the Asia Pacific region, V2 is standing at an exciting turning point in its road to further development.