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V2 Video Conference becomes a key in Sichuan's post-disaster infrastructure

Mar 11, 2009

According to reports, in the ten months or so that have passed since the earthquake, the Changfeng Alliance have already involved V2 Technology ( and several other companies in an alliance to build information infrastructure in the earthquake disaster zone.  In the last ten months,  V2 Technology has not relaxed its efforts or slackened its concentration in the disaster zone. It is reported that V2 Technology has donated a video conference system worth hundreds of thousands of Yuan to the local governments of the worst affected areas of Abazhou, Chengdu etc, and, together with the Changfeng Alliance,  has signed a letter of intent to cooperate with the government in information systems development.

The Changfeng Open Standard Platform Software Alliance (or Changfeng Alliance) was formed in November 2004, to support self-developed core software platforms, with the support of major industrial players, to promote nationally produced software and establish model applications for the industry.  Its supporters are mainly composed of practical business users, software platform vendors and third party organisations.

After the earthquake struck, at 2:28 on the afternoon of the 12th May 2008, failures of communication caused huge difficulties for the rescue effort. In this situation of interrupted communication with the outside world, V2 Technology first put their efforts into guaranteeing the normal operation of the systems of various local government departments, so that each department could carry out their work with the maximum efficiency. They also particularly cooperated with Gansu Province's earthquake department via V2 Conference video conferencing software to help them break out of their information isolation and re-establish communication with the outside world, improving the tracking of the earthquake situation, improving the effectiveness of short term forecasts and at the same time improving the situation for rescuers and volunteers in the local earthquake disaster zone.

Moreover, a few days after the earthquake, V2 Technology helped the National Earthquake Bureau establish a V2 Conference system to enable a national monitoring platform to facilitate sharing of data and information, including publishing of earthquake news, multi-media video transmission services and so on, as well as allowing technical personnel in other regions to share visual data and other information. At the same time, the system was extremely helpful in enabling the Earthquake Bureau to establish a national earthquake defence and disaster relief command system, realising fast communication, precise policy making, orderly command and control and speedy provision of disaster relief. Also the relevant authorities could use the system to obtain all kinds of data and share data across regional and professional boundaries, thus providing even more information services to society.

Now, within the last ten months or so,  V2 Technology has paid particular attention to the building of information systems in the worst affected regions, and has communication with, and carried out research for local governments in all the affected regions. After extensive consultations and on the basis of the actual needs of the affected regions, V2 Technology decided to donate video conferencing systems to those regions. The V2 Video Conference system, with its high clarity sound (GIPS), smooth video (H.264), powerful communications and compatibility, high reliability, efficient high-capacity design and open and expandable structure, provides a comprehensive, multi-layer, high-efficiency network media transmission platform. At the same time, using the V2 Office collaboration system, the cost of sending documents can be rapidly reduced as well as the cost of paper, thus allowing the regions affected by the earthquake to greatly reduce their administrative expenses, which is a small contribution to local businesses in the building of local information services after the earthquake.

V2 Technology's leading technologist says:  "The use of software video conferencing systems in government is very significant. Before this, V2's flagship product, the V2 video conference system, had already successfully helped the earthquake bureaus of many provinces, including Qinghai, Xinjiang and Shandong, to establish a network communications platform, and bringing together V2's rich store of experience and technical knowledge, in future we will be able to do much more for those involved in earthquake relief, providing even more established application solutions to improve the computerisation level of national government departments. At the same time, we were able to provide a version tailored to the specific requirements of the Abazhou region, and provide a complete set of video conferencing solutions tailored to the needs of Abazhou and other disaster regions. To help the affected regions become familiar with the new software in the fastest time possible, V2 Technology sent several batches of engineers to the affected regions for installation, training and instruction."

The assistant governor of Abazhou, Mr Li Chuan, told our reporter, "The main task of the computerisation of Abazhou presently consists of building systems for the collection of data about the disaster, province-wide systems for emergency command and control, province-wide systems for emergency dispatch of goods, disaster preparation systems, basic databases of population and geographical space, systems for province-wide office automation and document exchange and so on. In the last year, the efforts of so many caring organisations who have positively contributed help towards the recovery of information systems in our province has given us hope. This is a new start for our information services."