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A new experience, V2 Flash video conferencing system appears

Aug 06, 2009

World leading video conference system manufacturer V2 Technology has formally announced the release of its new generation video conferencing system, "V2 Flash video conferencing system (". The formal announcement of this product signifies the arrival of the successor to V2 Conference, and yet another brand new product offered by V2 Technology to its global user base.

The brand new experience of V2 Flash

As the fastest selling communications vendor in the Asia-Pacific video conferencing market, V2 Technology's announcement of V2 Flash, the product of a year's research and development, has the primary objective of simplicity and ease of use, while retaining the capacity for integrated exchange of video, sound and data. It can be mastered in a couple of minutes, in three seconds one can enter in the 1-2-3 conference design concept, representing the level of the new era of V2 communications platforms. The appearance and use of the new product, and its compatibility, overturns the accepted norms in the industry, and provides new structural systems and a raft of new features and advantages.

The V2 Flash video conferencing system mainly makes use of two patent technologies, Flash technology, cloud computing and SaaS technology, and allows the user to join a conference within 3 seconds. It supports high-clarity video, and can support large scale conferences without installing any plug-in components. It can integrate seamlessly with a large variety of software, upgrading or extending its capacity doesn't require any action on the part of the user, and data security is comparable with that of Internet banking.

"Using Flash video conferencing is as simple as using YouTube, TuDou, YouKu and so on. You just need to open a particular website, search for and click on the program you want to watch. As long as everyone knows how to use a computer, they can just connect to the Internet and use it, there's no technical skill required at all, and it's as easy as falling off a log." So says Ben Ye, the CEO of V2 Technology, giving a simple and easy to understand analogy that all computer users will understand. From this it is clear that although the simplicity of former video conferencing systems was confined to their use in the process of the conference, the simplicity of the new system is thoroughgoing and complete. It can only be described as a milestone in the development of video conferencing.

V2 Flash, the more you use it the more you save

Many people say that the price of video conferencing systems has already become as cheap as it can possibly be, with all kinds of added technology and advanced data management tools the capital cost of these systems has reached a critical point and there is no further leeway for price cuts. But the policy of the V2 Flash video conferencing system is dominance through relative price, while retaining its original high clarity audiovisual technology, low price, flexible compatibility, high security, broad application scope and lack of maintenance costs. It is reported that after the installation of a V2 video conferencing system, in the financial year 2007/8 Legend Holdings saved 40,000 business trips and their outgoings for travel expenses were reduced by 40%, thereby recouping the whole of their investment in the V2 system in the space of only one year. In other words, "the more you use it the more you save". From the long term perspective, V2 Flash gives an even greater return on investment and is even more profitable for its users.

At the same time, V2 Flash "saves" in a lot more ways than one: it saves ink, it saves paper, it saves telephone fees, it saves on emissions, no dust or ozone emissions with consequent harm to workers' health. There are all kind of ways in which it can help companies save money and get more business done, without pressure on their budgets and free from the vicissitudes of the marketplace.

10 years of quality goods guarantees the products of V2

From 1999 to 2009, V2 Technology has already gone through a ten year development process. During those ten years, owing to superior products and after sales service, V2 has been commended time and time again. According to third party statistics, V2 video conferencing software sales have been top in the Asian region for five years running, and top in China for eight years running. So, the successful launch of the V2 Flash video conferencing system in the world market can be seen as excellent news, as a milestone set up to mark ten whole years of V2 development.

Mr Ben Ye, CEO of V2 Technology confidently states, "In V2 you can use the most stable and high-clarity video conferencing system in the world". V2's quality and price guarantee is not based on an intense price war with its competitors, but on the last 10 years of unremitting passion for video conferencing of the people at V2. At the moment, there are almost 10,000 organisations using V2 video conferencing systems, including the National Earthquake Bureau, Coca Cola, Legend Holdings, Wal-Mart, Galanz, China Pacific Insurance, China Railway No.9 Group, DHL, Shijiazhuang Electric, Guangdong Fire Department, Capital Iron and Steel Group, Guangzhou Honda, TCL, Lenovo, Nanfang Media Group, China Telecom head office, Taiwan Red Cross, Tsinghua University, Sanyo Electric, Taiwan's Pokphand Group, Korea's Korea Life and so on, which gives V2 systems the largest user base of any video conferencing system.