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V2 obtains top client satisfaction ratings for 9 successive years

Sep 03, 2009

In the recently held "2009 annual China IT users satisfaction conference", V2 Technology was pleased to be awarded "First prize for overall user satisfaction in video conference software for 2009". Thanks to their superior products and after sales service, V2 Technology has obtained this award for 9 successive years, and this also demonstrates that V2 Technology's software has already become universally recognised as a highly satisfactory product.

This annual conference was organised by two prestigious quality control bodies �� Chinese Association for Quality and the renowned ICT research organisation CCW Research. It is already the most influential gathering in the Chinese IT market, and has already started to exert a highly beneficial influence on ICT integration and the raising of product and services standards.

According to reports, more than 100,000 users took part in the "2009 annual China IT users satisfaction conference" survey. It spread over 31 provinces and touched on government, finance and telecommunications, among a total of 34 industries. As one of the most important critical activities in the Chinese IT marketplace, its influence in promoting ICT integration and improving product quality and the quality of after sales service is very considerable, and it is already an important reference point for anyone wanting to grasp the pulse of the world IT market and get a sense of its future direction.

At a time when other producers of video conferencing software are starting to concentrate on establishing service standards, V2 Technology has already taken the lead in service quality control. In 2008, Beijing V2 Technology Inc obtained the ISO9001 certification for quality control, and opened a customer service line on 400-706-1610 which is manned by specialist staff and operates 24 hours a day. This demonstrates even more clearly the aim and direction the company is taking on customer service, and establishes the principles of "Unstinting effort, maximum customer service and striving for the most reliable product. " This principle effectively establishes and promotes standards of customer service throughout the whole industry.

V2 Technology was the first manufacturer to implement an XMPP protocol framework in their video conferencing software. Their V2 Conference high-clarity Internet video conferencing system integrated their extensive cutting edge multi-media technology and rich product experience into a distributed, modular, highly compatible pure software Internet video conferencing platform.  This system fully considered system expandability and future functional extensions, giving users a unified, complete network based multi-media communications solution.

Moreover, as the top video conference product on the Chinese mainland, and the first choice local product for Chinese customers, V2 Technology has a continually improving audio-visual management technology, cloud computing technology, secure encoding technology, and great expandability, compatibility and capacity. In recent years, V2 video conferencing systems have had the largest share of the Chinese market for 8 years running, and the largest share of the Asian market for 5 successive years, by degrees narrowing the gap with foreign products until they can now even be used to replace them.

Within the last year, V2 Technology's product and service concept of "Simplification, feasibility, service-orientation" has been widely recognised. Finally V2 was awarded a prestigious award at the "2009 annual China IT users satisfaction conference". The award of this prize is a recognition of V2's many years of unremitting effort, but even more than that, it represents acknowledgement of the great contribution that video conferencing platforms are making to the computerisation of industry in China.

From the publication of this recent survey, it seems that the satisfaction level of Chinese users towards local products has increased by a large margin, and the gap between approval of overseas products and approval of local Chinese products continues to narrow very markedly. This mainly derives from the geographical superiority of local producers, and their deep understanding of the particular needs and management methods of Chinese companies. Added to this, the strengthening of local service networks, and increasing competitiveness on price, gives them an increasingly advantageous position in this competitive market and leads to even greater improvements in client satisfaction.

In 2009, V2 Technology's efforts towards small and medium sized businesses bore a new result, the formal announcement of a new type of product, the V2 Flash video conferencing system ( This new, flagship level product chiefly depends on two specialist patents belonging to V2 plus Flash technology, cloud computing and SaaS technology, and enables users to join a video conference in 3 seconds. It supports high-clarity video, high capacity conferences and does not require the installation of any plug-ins. It can integrate seamlessly with many other software products. Expanding or upgrading does not require any action on the part of the client and its secure data encoding algorithms are comparable with those of Internet banking.

As the 9-year "double champion" in both market share and customer satisfaction, V2 Technology continues its ten year tradition of accumulated experience in the field of network multi-media communications and understanding customers' requirement. Its current flagship product, the V2 video conferencing system, is already used by large numbers of clients throughout the world, such as Gansu Tax Office, China Civil Aviation Head Office, National Earthquake Bureau, National Ministry of Communications, National Post Office, China Association for Quality, Hangzhou Customs, Capital Steel, Guangzhou Honda Co, PetroChina, Coca Cola (China), Le Conte Chocolate, Wal-Mart (China), TCL, Jilin Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical, Galanz Group, DHL, Shenzhen Airlines, China Railway Construction Corporation, Taiwan Dunhuang Publishing, PCCW, Beijing Military Region, Taiwan Red Cross Headquarters, Tsinghua University, Korea Life and so on.

Statistics show that every year V2 Technology has gained 500 to 1000 new customers in all branches of industry. Their flagship product, V2 video conferencing software is already widely used both at home and abroad in government, finance, power generation, public security, communications etc, and it has won widespread approval from users, which thoroughly demonstrates the unbeatable strength of the V2 product and its superb service system.