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V2 wins 09 IP Communications

Oct 10, 2009

On the 25th of September, in Shanghai's magnificent NexCom Expo next generation Internet communications exhibition, in the China Internet Provider Communications Conference, the "CIPCA 2009 China Internet Provider Communications Conference Prizes" were solemnly unveiled. Thanks to their excellent, cutting-edge and easy to use software-based video conferencing system V2 Conference, V2 Technology ( gained the unanimous approval of netizens and experts alike, and was awarded the CIPCA 2009 China Internet Provider Communications Conference Prize for "Most outstanding national software video conferencing solution provider". This award confirms V2's leading position in the video conferencing field, both technically and in terms of market position, and is the result of ten years of providing clients with the best possible network based video conferencing products.

The CIPCA China IP Communications prize is currently the most complete, professional and authoritative prize in national industrial circles. Prize categories include integrated communications, speech, video, call centres, added value services and platforms, up-down stream and so on. Unusually, in industry circles, it is a non-fee-supported prize, the selection of CIPCSA is seen as professional and fair, and is already regarded as authoritative in industry circles. It is a reference point for businesses and industrial groups who are purchasing communications products, solutions and services.

CIPCA is divided into a first round of Internet voting and a second round of voting by the evaluation committee,  which is composed of around 150 senior managers from industry. This year the prize has attracted nine months of Internet voting, almost 60,000 votes were cast in an intensely competitive election, followed by the evaluation committee's deliberations and a final result and the announcement of the grand prize on the official CIPCA  website At the same time, the prize result will also be promoted on  the "buyer's guide" channel of the next generation of global IP communications alliances (, which gives customers and businesses an important reference point for purchases of relevant items.

As China's leading videoconference product, and the number one brand name for any Chinese client, V2 Technology has consistently progressed in video handling technology, cloud computing technology, secure encoding technology and has powerful expandability, compatibility and capacity. In recent years V2 video conferencing software has had the top market share in mainland China for 8 successive years, in Asia for 5 successive years, and has gradually eroded the gap between local and foreign products until it can even replace them altogether.

As China's top videoconferencing provider, for the last ten years V2 Technology has consistently emphasised audio-visual research and development. Its flagship product, V2 Conference video conferencing system, was the first in China to utilise an XMPP framework. It contains two patents belonging specifically to V2, it has industry leading clarity of sound and video, it saves on bandwidth resources, is secure and reliable, flexible and compatible and  inexpensive to install and does not require specialist personnel to service it. These advantages have already been recognised by many organisations including the National Earthquake Bureau, Coca Cola, Legend Holdings, Wal-Mart, Galanz, China Pacific Insurance, China Railway No.9 Group, DHL, Shijiazhuang Electric, Guangdong Fire Department, Capital Iron and Steel Group, Guangzhou Honda, TCL, Lenovo Group, Nanfang Media Group, China Telecom head office, Taiwan Red Cross, Tsinghua University, Sanyo Electric, Thailand's Pokphand Group and others. With the trust and support of more than 10,000 clients, V2 Conference now has the largest user base of any video conferencing platform.

In 2009, V2 had the honour to win many prizes, as well as many clients, and also made huge technical breakthroughs in the field of video conferencing. In August 2009, V2 Technology announced the world's first video conferencing system based on Flash, V2 Flash ( This system neatly integrates V2's two patent technologies with Flash technology, cloud computing and SaaS technology. Already more than a hundred businesses have chosen V2 Flash and have praised it highly. In September 2009, V2 Technology published the first video conference product to break through 5-tier cascading,  V2 Conference 6. V2 Conference 6 uses many new and creative product concepts, its functioning also is a real eye-opener: its perfect support for high-clarity 1080P video conferencing, ease of conference management, varied modes of conference recording, system announcements and broadcast planning and so on make it a feature-packed and optimal upgrade package.

Within the last year, V2 Technology's product and service concept of "Simplification, feasibility, service-orientation" has been widely recognised. Finally V2 was awarded the "2009 most outstanding national software video conferencing solution provider" award. The award of this prize is a recognition of V2's many years of unremitting effort, but even more than that, it represents acknowledgement of the great contribution that video conferencing platforms are making to the computerisation of industry in China.

The CEO of V2 Technology, Mr Ben Ye, confidently states, "In V2 you can use the world's clearest and most stable video conference product". The price and quality guarantee of V2 is not from the waging of a fierce price war with the competition, but from ten years of devoted application to video conferencing technology and applications. According to statistics, V2 Technology acquires 500 to 1,000 new clients every year, its flagship product, the V2 video conferencing solution is already widely used in the fields of government, finance, power generation, public security and communications etc and has won widespread approval from its users, which thoroughly demonstrates the unbeatable strength of the V2 product and its superior service system.