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International connections via Taiwan; V2 arrives at Lion Travel

Nov 19, 2009

In 2008, the economic crisis swept the globe, in a flash, businesses everywhere slumped, and the travel industry, so sensitive to market conditions, was naturally no exception. In 2009 this economic tsunami gradually eased, and under the gentle blanket of pure white snow the breath of spring become stronger by degrees. In the hope of new warmth in the market, all the large travel operators ramped up their activity, altered their viewpoints and started searching for the best avenues for development within and without.

Taiwan's largest and most influential travel group, Lion Travel, was founded in 1977, and has developed for over thirty years. Currently it already has 1,350 employees, 43 offices around the world and 11 subsidiary companies. Their workforce, like the company, gets larger and larger, causing them to look to the Internet for assimilation and development, since they have realised that electronic communications is becoming indispensable to their office work. For this reason, after installing V2 Conference in 2008, 2009 saw Lion Travel continue to choose the V2 Conference video conferencing system, and they recently increased their number of conference points so as to cover their administrative network even more comprehensively. This system has given the group highly efficient and speedy communication, and brought them all kinds of new commercial options and working methods.

Conferences free from time and space, work free from regional limits

With the of the V2 Conference video conferencing system, companies can convene regular meetings or any other kind of convention without the limitations of location and time. Using the system's powerful audio-visual and data-sharing capabilities, face to face communication can be achieved. Company employees do not need to charge around from one part of the world to another, they can just sit in front of a computer and immediately carry on a question and answer session, report on their work or co-ordinate company projects and services, thus saving the company a large amount in travel fees and conference fees, reducing capital expenditure and improving work efficiency.

Moreover, companies can use the V2 Conference video conferencing system to carry out remote recruitment and internal training. Job candidates can have face to face interviews with company officials via the system, and the  interviewer can use the shared data functionality to check the candidate's resume, designs or other documents. The company can also record the progress of the interview and keep it on file afterwards. Company employees can also have convenient access to training materials. Using V2 Conference, all kinds of study material can be shared, activities can be organised plus interactive question and answer sessions. By this means, companies can relax and increase their "hidden assets".

Communication without borders; free from mishaps and illness

With the shadow of SARS hardly departed, recently we have slid into the terrifying realm of swine flu and the Ukrainian super-flu. This is undoubtedly a grave risk for employees in the tourist industry, who often need to travel. Good health is one of the prerequisites of efficient work. The V2 Conference video conference system allows Lion Travel's employees in their 43 branches all over the world to communicate and hold discussions without fear,  without worrying about traffic accidents and that sort of problem, and without worrying about the risk of catching diseases while travelling abroad. It obviates the fatigue and expense of travel, and provides a simple and easy route to accomplishing international business.

These achievements received the unanimous approval of the Lion Travel Group. Their general manager, Mr Pei Xinyou once strongly emphasised their "3C" Internet travel concept to the media. Trusting in the support and assistance of V2 Conference in arranging conferences, this renowned Taiwanese company can rapidly advance towards the future.

Aside from its successful application in the travel industry, the V2 Conference system has obtained an excellent reputation in the fields of manufacturing, motor vehicles, power generation, communications and transport etc, and many other businesses and schools in Taiwan are using V2 Conference, such as the Taiwan Kuva Chateau Hotel, National Central University, Taiwan National Tsing Hua University and so on.