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Taiwan's leading convenience items retailer Paoya International picks V2

Dec 17, 2009

Paoya Morning Go is a household name in convenience stores selling articles for daily use throughout Taiwan. It was founded in 1985, and since its inception, the Paoya life stores have depended on their headquarters' formidable purchasing power, allowing the scope of its operations to consistently increase, consistently reach out, so that by the end of 2008 there were already 44 stores, achieving supremacy amongst fine fashion and lifestyle sundries in three respects: the largest number of stores, the largest annual revenue and the largest market share. The retail floor area of each of the Paoya stores is generally from 50 to 120 square metres, they specialise in European, American, Korean and Japanese coloured makeup, imported fashion jewellery, lifestyle sundries, hardware goods, leisure foods from all over the world, Japanese and Korean fashion stockings and branded makeup for young women, nightclothes and so on. They handle as many as 40,000 product lines so as to give their customers the most convenient, complete and professional range on offer.

As Taiwan's national leader in the miscellaneous goods retail market field, Paoya International has always sought ways to make its operation even faster, more effective and more efficient in its use of capital resources. Paoya International's purchasing manager stated that the company has always been searching for an effective solution which would satisfy the needs of its service development plan. It needed to be fast, very simple, and to not only allow great cuts in capital investment, but also greatly increase company cohesion.

In recent years, due to the rapid increase in electronic commerce in all parts of the world, Paoya International decided to move a portion of its trade onto Internet auctions so as to increase its marketplace. According to their operating plan, the E-commerce platform would become a small-scale operating centre, in the course of rapid and intense work, the company's personnel could use V2 video conferencing systems to develop professional training and collective conferences and so on, using V2 as the principal communication tool for expanding the company's business.

After extensive high-pressure comparisons with other video conferencing systems, the company decided to install the V2 system. Thanks to the V2 video conference solution, Paoya International were able to achieve face to face dialogue between its employees spread between Taichung, Tainan, Taidong, Taipei, Changhua, Kaoshiung, Hualien, Xinzhu and Pingtung. After the installation of the system, a spokesperson from the technical department of Paoya said that video conferencing had already become a new channel of rapid communication between the company's workers, and it had already greatly increased the efficiency of their internal communications; with just one click of the mouse the company's workers could enjoy stress-free face to face discussions.

The accomplishment  of V2 video conferencing is to reduce capital expenditure, allowing Paoya's workforce to overcome the limitations of different urban locations to achieve ever more intimate and frequent discussions. They claim that his helps to shorten production cycles and speeds up the appearance of new products on the market, giving them even more flexibility to satisfy customers' requirements. At the same time, speedy exchange of information and timely feedback helps Paoya International's purchasing team carry out their assignments quickly and flexibly. V2 video communications technology clearly saves both time and expenditure on communication, but its real use is in increasing production, revolutionising Paoya International's profitable E-commerce business.

In the course of its daily use, the V2 system allows Paoya International's top and middle management to carry on direct face to face negotiations with suppliers in China, Asia, Europe and America. As well as saving time, it cuts down expenditure on business trips, greatly increases productivity and improves the culture of the company. The V2 video conference system has also revolutionised the company's human resources activities, facilitating regular interviews and employee training programs etc. As a spokesperson in Paoya's project planning department said, video conferencing affects almost every aspect of the work at their headquarters, and not only the headquarters, but employees in any shop can hold a discussion about one product or another from any location and at any time they choose.

When high-efficiency video conferencing is combined with workflow, it greatly promotes productivity in the retail sector. Currently, the world leading retail giant Wal-Mart uses V2 Conference every day to convene more than 100 conferences. Besides this, world famous brands such as Coca Cola (China), Pepsi Cola (Russia), Le Conte Chocolate, Guizhou Maotai, Kunbai Group, Supor, Dalian Wanda etc have all chosen V2 series video conferencing products for convening all kinds of large, medium and small-scale meetings.