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V2 helps China Metallurgical open survey information channels

Jan 14, 2010

At present, surveying in low, deep or difficult territories is especially cumbersome. The quality of materials extracted gets poorer and poorer, survey teams face more and more global difficulties and the physical demands on the exploration teams get greater and greater. The workload gets greater by the day, no matter how professional the exploration teams, or how military their discipline, every patch of ground, every exploratory drilling is a battlefield.

China Metallurgical Group's Wuhan Research Institute (WSGRI) (originally the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Wuhan Prospecting Institute), the chief of the China Metallurgical Construction Association Prospecting Committee, established a comprehensive unit for engineering quality monitoring, surveying and mine development for the industry's 500-strong China Metallurgical wholly owned subsidiaries to concentrate collection of soil samples, planning, foundations and basic engineering. It is the base for China Metallurgical Group's numerical surveying and geographical information systems. They were the chief compilers of "National Water Supply Hydrology Geology Survey Standards" and "Water Supply Tube Well Specifications". One of the first group of all-China all-industry model organisations.

The company currently has 1,344 employees, 9 branch companies and 14 subsidiary organisations distributed in places like Shanghai, Changzhou, Saddle Mountain, Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Yichang, Chongqing, Changsha and Yunnan etc. They have more than 230 drilling rigs of various kinds, more than 90 engineering platforms, hundreds of pieces of surveying, monitoring and testing equipment and rock, soil and water analysis instruments as well as more than 300 computers and associated equipment.

How to increase everyone's creativity? How to optimise the surveying efficiency of the whole system? How to allow scientific thinking to permeate into every project, every environment, how to make the creativity of the prospecting teams into individual creativity, individual improvement, high-efficiency operation in teams operating at an advanced international level, has become a problem that must be solved by the managers of all surveying and prospecting teams. Therefore, China Metallurgical proposed a new strategy to "Drive management modernisation by scientifically computerising prospecting".

In order to vigorously promote the prospecting work, China Metallurgical installed an upgraded video conferencing system as the first round. To adapt to modern development, increase work efficiency and modernise working practices, in 2009 China Metallurgical Wuhan purchased an "industry-leading", advanced multi-media remote videoconferencing system, as a "coordinated prospecting platform". This system can satisfy all kinds of different requirements, such as main conference location or subsidiary location or lecture, training or news conference locations etc. Because the requirements as to equipment, functionality and design concepts were very severe, China Metallurgical arranged rigorous testing, and finally V2 Technology's V2 videoconferencing system gained the approval of managers and experts because of its excellent stability and superior features, and was therefore given the important task of being the nerve centre of this video conferencing network.

After the installation, the V2 prospecting work coordination platform caused a qualitative revolution in the work of China Metallurgy Wuhan. The head of the prospecting research and development laboratory said, "The prospecting work coordination platform has allowed network based automated office work, real-time sharing of dynamic state information and prompt filing of results. It has rendered work targets, assignments, work processes, results and work quality 'five things clear at one glance'. Where previously it would take two or three days to finish something, now it can be done in ten minutes."

According to a spokesperson from V2 Technology, the V2 Conference videoconferencing system can bring many policy making benefits to businesses through audio, visual control, video conferencing and data merging functionality. The system has a great variety of functionality, for example: the electronic whiteboard, directory sharing,  file sharing, coordinated browsing, desktop sharing, application program sharing, electronic voting, electronic show of hands, agenda preparation and so on. Using audio, visual control, video conferencing and data functions "four networks combined in one", finally costs can be lowered, efficiency raised, dependence on location minimised, usefulness and adaptivity increased and management and control efficiency increased, etc. At the same time, the high reliability, high security, high functionality, high expandability, high manageability and high data security of the system is very much recognised by managers.

Also, while the system is running, V2 Technology provides many first-rate services. The V2 videoconferencing system has given China Metallurgical Wuhan a lot of helpful and beneficial results. The company often convenes productivity conferences, safety conferences and finance conferences and so on. Using V2 has been extremely convenient for the company and also highly beneficial. During more than a year of uninterrupted operation, the system has satisfied the company's need for "real-time communications" in developing their work, thanks to its stability and excellent operation, and has won praise from people at all levels of the operation: "The prospecting work coordination platform has realised the paperless office, now work can be undertaken, tasks delegated, data recorded, reports produced and examined, reports signed and issued all within one system, different analysts in different units can, from their own user accounts, see the distributed work tasks and work requirements, news and figures can all be transmitted paperlessly, allowing the saving of more than 40,000 paper reports and quality notes during the course of a year. Also, the links operate automatically, and checks and encouragement are mutually given. If there is a problem it is immediately obvious where it is, because everyone's tasks, condition, progress, quality, every stage and operation is all recorded by the system. Not only this, it eliminates repeat recording and checking of sample data, thus saving 6,000 superfluous operations per year."

From a company which has devoted ten years of unstinting effort in the field of video conferencing, the V2 video conferencing system has always been highly appraised in the energy resources industry. V2 currently maintains excellent cooperative relationships with many renowned power companies including China National Petroleum Natural Gas No 7 Design Company, China National Petroleum Natural Gas Management Office, China National United Oil Corporation, Sinopec Hanjiang Oilfield, Jilin Oilfield, China National Petroleum Dalian Branch Company, Shengli Oilfield Drilling Institute all recognising it and giving it an extremely high appraisal.