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Low-carbon V2 hybrid video conference first showed on CeBit in Germany

March 03, 2010

The world's largest ICT industry event CeBIT2010 held in Germany Exhibition Centre on 26st March 2010. This CeBIT's theme is "Connected World Link World". This exhibition involved commercial IT, green IT, network solutions, intelligent transportation, remote medical operation, information security, banking and finance, communication technology, ICT infrastructure and ICT reseller center. They displayed several hot topics in ICT area, such as business, life and the three aspects on development and business opportunity in digital world in the future.

As the largest network video conferencing manufacture and solution provider in Asia-Pacific region, V2 Technology show the latest V2 hybrid video conference system on this exhibition.

As the world's leading video conferencing manufacture, during 10years development, V2 Technology created several office video conferencing collaboration systems and show the superior strength and leadership in video conferencing technology area.

Currently, V2 video conferencing system got the biggest Asia-Pacific market share in 5 years and the biggest Chinese market share in 8 years. V2 video conferencing system has become the most widely used video conferencing platform.