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V2 Video Conferencing Help Coal Industry Produce Safety

April 08, 2010

In recent years, the State Department published the policy about eliminate low output coal, improve the pace of  coal industry and coal factory development. Kailuan Mining is located in Tangshan Hebei Province managed by Kailuan Mining Bureau. V2 Technology launched online office platform-- video conferencing solution meets their company's needs. This video conferencing solution can not only save money, save time, but also improve the efficiency and quality of work.

Chongqing Tianfu mining company with 200 years mining production history, produced 2.15million tons coal and washing 900,000 tons coal every year. It's one of the most important energy production base in Chongqing. V2 online office platform-video conferencing solution tailored for the mining industry. This video conferencing system is flexible and easy to use, consequently it offers coal industry a compatibility and scalability management system.