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EU obsessed by pozzolan, video conferencing demonstrate its prowess

April 20, 2010

Recently, the volcanic eruption on Iceland attracted the world's attention. Due to air and weather, the eruption of volcanic ash drifting into the air can paralyze the airplane's engine. These volcanic ash caused the European air traffic paralyzed for several days, seriously impact the normal operation of economic and social life.

In this chaotic situation, the EU leaders and transport ministers held a video conference on 19th April to discuss how to resolve this crisis. Through instantly communication, the leaders can make the right decision by the latest news in order to reduce property losing and social panic.

In this case, we noted the multimedia video conferencing system has played a very important role for the emergency's instant meetings and specific collaborative arrangements.

V2 video conferencing system was deployed successfully in Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shandong provinces' Seismological Bureau. In the aspect of disaster warning, V2 video conferencing system not only meets basic needs of the remote session but also has a unified communication characteristic to improve the efficiency of command and decision-making with some unexpected or special events.