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Yunnan Industry Technology Committee promoted the implementation of provincial salt assignment by V2 video conference system

May 06, 2010

Yunnan industry and information technology committee chose V2 HD video conference system after their integrated research and trial. V2 technology set up a single server, combines with the OA system. Only after visit Yunnan Industry and Information Technology Commission website can land the video conference.

V2 video conference system achieved different administration department people enter in the meeting at any time any place. Users located in different places can participate in the conference discuss and communicate about any topic by desktop computers or laptops. V2 video conference system's B/S structure makes each video flexibility, so that people can enter the video conference through existing network easily.

V2 video conference system successfully holding conference for all the time with the whiteboard, document sharing, web sharing and so on abundant function features, powerful data capabilities and good quality of video and audio.