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Central South University modern distance education benefit millions of students by V2 video conference's help

May 13, 2010

As we all know, the advantage of distance education is easy access and control, save travel expenses and time, accommodation, classrooms, hall and training location. But the shortcoming is also obvious, this method of education is more like one-way which cannot achieve interactions exactly.

The video conference system leader�V2 video conference system offered a comprehensive, multi-level, efficient network platform through its powerful application function and stability system to Central South University. At this platform, teachers and students can communicate with video, audio, data and other application information easily and efficiently. Thus V2 created a web-based virtual reality space to fulfill the distance learning, remote training, and collaborative work space needs of students by the latest communication method.

V2 video conference system can meet the students demand in different levels from desktop to classroom. Through different video and audio peripherals, school can deploy endpoint on the desktop and in the classroom that provides all levels and scales application platform to students. This structure meets the practical needs of the students which open the several teaching simultaneously in the one education system.