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V2 video conference system helped agricultural production and emergency command system resist disasters

May 19, 2010

To establish a unified, efficient, scientific and standard system to relief emergency command, protect and prevent agriculture. Local governments follow the State Council's appeal, started a series training, conferences and meeting on disaster reduction.

As the member of the reconstruction enterprises for earthquake on 12th May, V2 assumed social obligation this time. V2 set a 5-level V2 video conferencing platform in many villages and towns for their audio and video communication to achieve the collaboration. At the meantime, V2 video conference helps government process different information by multimedia technology, such as shared data, shared applications etc, to construct a shared workspace.

V2 video conferencing system's powerful conferencing capabilities shorten the time of the documents delivering. This system's fire cabinet feature can share a variety of documents: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, TXT, Flash and different video original file storages, the server can be used as stand-alone server integrated with video conferencing system, realized index, storage, on-demand and live the conference materials and video. Optimized whiteboard let the control center approved the front action in a timely manner. Meeting recording, real-time simultaneous recording applied ASF format, multiple video and audio data, whiteboard and text data communication enable selective recording and synchronized multimedia playback.