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V2 video conference system applied in Liaohe Oilfield Communication Company

May 26, 2010

Liaohe Oilfield Communication Company is a subsidiary company for the PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield Company. It owns several branches and already has set its own data network. The interconnection between networks using 100M line, server based Gigabit Ethernet connection. In order to improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of conference, the company plans to establish a company-wide video conferencing system.

According to the �fair, justify and open� principle, after a comprehensive comparison between several hardware and software conference system and a rigorous testing. Liaohe Oilfield Communication Company finally selected V2 video conference system as the core of the whole system construction.
V2 fully used the oilfield communication company�s network resource and terminal computer equipment. The whole system was built on the field network, video conference server based in the communication company�s network operation room, set up specific IP address, all the users are able to access the conference after authorized.

After completion of the system, employees only need sit beside multimedia computer in the office or conference room, through simple operations. During the conference, users can process group discussion, text communication and file transfer, these functions allow comprehensive communication. The specific application direction was achieving the company internal and remote session�s remote meeting and remote project inspection of different company departments.