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Disastrous weather can't stop our conference

Nov 21, 2012

V2 video conferencing systems break traditional video conference systems, decentralized pass required time was significantly shortened, so that workers from different countries and regions to communicate completely eliminate the delay, no matter how far apart, as if sitting in a room, as the real, true "face-to-face" conversation, and rich facial expressions, movements and eyes to communicate, communication effectiveness is significantly improved. As a result, use one of the multi-party real-time audio and video, group discussion, electronic voting, the process of recording and broadcasting, PPT and FLASH demo instead of field meetings, less the cost of investment in more good play "brainstorming" meeting should effect the range of applications of the v2 video conferencing along with more and more widely.

We all know that the weather changes every moment, look at "Sandy", it brought a lot of disaster. It affected our work and life, but if your company use video conference, you can have a meeting in your home, you don't need to go outside. V2 video conference is professional on video flash conference.

The remote coordination office: efficient application

It seems impossible to reach the office location to start working when disastrous weather comes, video conferencing remote collaborative office will be able to play its biggest advantage: the network office "functions. On this platform, every client can be with other people between each other in real-time transfer of official documents, the face of the computer screen along with remote online editing the same document, use the whiteboard mobile, grasps, exchange of text online own video to show to other users, the group notice released to all staff, or establish a larger group office, we go into the same space to discuss issues and solve tasks, teamwork it is extremely convenient and efficient. Individual applications, system design work logs, memos, buddy lists and personalization features to meet almost all needs telecommuting.

All above are the advantage of v2 video conference, there will be more Industry News, if you are interested in this software, just follow me please.