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The professional video conference of V2 technology's advantages

Dec 17, 2012

It is reported that Google executive director Eric Schmidt said in an annual Zeitgeist conference, as technology advances recently, the technology itself will disappear from people's lives; but technological progress will give those people who has never contact network a new world.

V2 video conferencing is so agreed with Schmidt's point of view. The same time, in the video conferencing industry, V2 video conferencing as a leader, intends to use the high-end video conferencing becomes a necessity for businesses and people's daily office unwittingly, like the keyboard and mouse.

As the same as the new energy vehicles, V2 video conferencing is also a brand of new office concepts and energy saving way. V2 video conferencing is committed to solve the problems of people between thousands of miles to communicate "face-to-face" product that allows people in the business office, reducing reliance on transport, especially carbon emissions aircraft, trains, cars, travel, and another virtual "face-to-face meeting real sit together.

V2 video conferencing with online communication can be comparable to the actual meet communication effect, which is based on the ordinary Internet \ 3G \ Wifi network online meetings, data transfer, collaborative office, Products, collaborative negotiation, collaborative office capabilities, system stability, so the overall performance to meet all applications. Whiteboard screen exchanges provided by V2 video conferencing, document sharing, document editing, watching streaming media, web synchronization, as well as the work log, the internal message notification, memos many office management functions, can effectively reduce the waste of paper and prints completion of paperless green office. V2 video conferencing is not only able to reduce office costs, save resources, reduce carbon emissions and make the real action.

V2 is the leader in cloud-based video conferencing and set video conferencing, video surveillance, video operators to integrate e-mail, voice, video, conferencing systems as one. V2 video conferencing software products as the mainstream of Chinese domestic market, with a strong audio and video processing capabilities to support a variety of audio and video protocols such as H.264, and currently on the market most of the popular video conferencing software terminal can seamlessly connection, the users can choose them according to the actual situation of the audio and video protocols.

V2 video conferencing terminal using the industry's state-of-the-art H.264 encoding, support for the H.263 4CIF high-quality video image display, the same time, to provide a high-definition image quality for video conferencing users to achieve high-definition video conferencing. V2 video conferencing and has a wealth of features, including remote control of the camera, multicast, video walls, multi-group meetings, concurrent, high-capacity video conferencing, users can select the appropriate modules according to their needs, and to build a complete video conferencing software platform. V2 video conferencing data application tools such as whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, file transfer, etc. are also readily available, users can take advantage of their different needs, such as remote recruitment, remote training, remote consultation and so on.

V2 video conferencing using the B / S architecture only need to deploy the professional program on the server, any client can be used simply downloaded from the IE. A majority of the entire system operation is similar to a normal computer operation, especially for the ordinary meeting client system operation simple chat tool is the same as "QQ, MSN" � with the simple computer-based personnel are able to self-taught through operation of the master V2 video conferencing applications. In addition, participants can also document presentation, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Visio format, also can communicate in real-time via the whiteboard as well as co-browse specific web page, send messages between V2 video conferencing the biggest difference with traditional video conferencing systems.

Currently, there are nearly 6,000 more than the well-known enterprises choose to deploy applications V2 video conferencing According to statistics, the number of customers more than doubled the number of fan in 2003, Chinese Seismological Bureau, Coca-Cola, Legend Holdings, Wal-Mart, Galanz Group, Pacific Insurance , DHL, the fire Department of Guangdong Province, Shougang Group, Guangzhou Honda, TCL, Lenovo Group, the Southern Newspaper Group, China Telecom Group Corporation, the Taiwan Red Cross Society, Tsinghua University, Japanese Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Thailand Chia Tai Group, Maotai, Wahaha Group have been deployed V2 video conferencing.