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Ebola virus is spreading rapidly, international conference should be held as video conference


Recently, there is a ITU summit hold in Korea, a lot of the leaders of the countries are invited, but when The Republic of Guinea representative arrived at the Seoul airport, they are requested to leave the country. At the end, they left and went back to their city.


As the Republic of Guinea is the Ebola virus translation area, they are refused to welcome the people who come from that country. You know what I think maybe they can hold that conference as a live video conference. Especially for now, for the Ebola virus, every country every city even everyone is afraid that this virus will be bought to their home.


If we hold the conference as a video conference, we can save a lot of money and time. When some virus or the disasters happened, for the more people health, we should stop travelling whatever business or just travelling. As the important conference, we can held them by using video conference system, it is quite safe and convenient, just need a computer, Pad or Phone then you can click the conference link, and wherever you are, you can attend the meeting.


It is not only just for the conference between the countries but also for the meeting between the companies which are not in the same cities. Or like some training, you can use this system too.


Also if you want to apply a free trail, click the V2 video conference free trail.