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V2 Technology provides a more convenient and practical video conference communication platform to protect �APEC Blue�


The APEC hold in Beijing China is finished successfully. But there still a lot of the problem left behind. Like the emergency environment problem. As we know, the new popular word �APEC Blue�. Even the president doesn�t believe the �APEC Blue� won�t keep so long, during the meeting, a number of issues arising there from also caused extensive discussion, such as environmental problems, traffic pressure, influence public life. So there is the big problem we have to deal with.


In order to welcome the APEC, the government shot down a lot of factories, even in nearby the Beijing like Heibei province and Shandong province. But there are still problems left, those factories will open again after the APEC. That means we never save the problem totally, such as environmental problems, traffic pressure, influence public life.


 The whole nation is concerned that Beijing allow multiple initiatives, multi-channel pollution, fully oriented APEC summit to create a "blue sky", was affectionately called "APEC blue." In the realization of "APEC blue" behind the problems exposed is obvious. Because during the APEC substantial "cut-off, reduction, vacations," resulting in some industries and business owners become "victims" of the object: the production stagnation, business communication, decision to suspend, corporate training pause in the economic and business have suffered different degrees loss.


     But it is comforting to our Environmental Monitoring Station, represented during the APEC to enable video conferencing to respond to the need to travel to work, for example, and remote video conferencing expert group to carry out cross-regional exchanges, to Beijing weather changes in real time communication.


     Environmental Monitoring Station take the lead, with remote video conference this "green communication" form instead go out and meet both energy conservation, the liberation of the people, vehicles and the environment, and at the same time protect the daily work carried out smoothly. 


     Beijing many government departments, large finance, education companies are also in the APEC for a holiday before the introduction of video conferencing products related work, to enable video conferencing during the holiday shutdown to carry out routine work and reporting and communication meetings. Even sitting at home, also did not affect the work of important decisions, daily training, reporting and so on. Protect the company's interests, but also for the "APEC blue" to make energy-saving contribution. In the joint efforts of the people of Beijing, under the self-monitoring, Beijing during the APEC appeared a rare blue sky.


     But the APEC is hold successfully. How long will the "APEC blue" keep going?


     10th evening, learning much in the "Water Cube" held a banquet speech: I hope and believe that "APEC Blue" will be maintained. It not only represents the vision of the people of Beijing, but also called on Beijing People's face environmental pressures, to adhere to green travel, low carbon and environmental protection, air cure common problem!


    V2 Video conferencing system during APEC, as the most important type of remote communication tool, has been for the government departments and enterprises to provide a stable platform for remote communication, reducing people to travel because of the public, the establishment of green communication platform.


It is reported that during the APEC, in V2 Tech cloud video NSC 5A class room, V2 Tech staff have been fighting for several days in the room, were the conference's security work. V2 conference relevant person in charge, during APEC, usage Beijing video conference from customers around the original 50% jumped to 80%, and the amount of new customers also increased several times compared with the daily. In order to protect customers' convening of the meeting successfully, the staff needs backstage 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted maintenance.


     As the NO.1 in China & Asia Pacific World video conferencing service platform market leader - V2 video conferencing, has been called in response to the government's low-carbon environment, advocating "Let every minute more valuable," the company philosophy, and constantly optimize the platform and product innovation, we provide a more convenient and practical video conference communication platform.


     V2 Tech advocacy is to enable video conferencing green alternative to travel to the meeting. Through a variety of PC, notebook, mobile terminal enters V2 Technology video conferencing platform, a type will, anytime, anywhere office, to improve work efficiency while achieving a low-carbon travel, co-guardian of Beijing "APEC blue."

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