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V2 Technology video conference system VS Apple�s new patent


According to the news, the European intellectual property office has released the Apple filed a patent technology. The patent describes is the Apple TV video conference system, the system belongs to one of the Apple TV �conference room model� rings, a digital media device through programming into the conference room in the form of �trigger� can be carried out in accordance with the time or the conference important degree, make the users both at home and in the office, they all can use the system in the form of multiple video conference.

Apple said in the patent document, if someone wants to show slides, pictures, products or films, they can be directly through the laptop, tablet or smartphone, directly showing on the TV screen. In the process, Apple TV will play a role, as long as you can be realized with the wireless local network. For all of those, V2 Technology video conference system can make out all of them.

Apple TV video conference system won�t be so professional at first, as there are a lot of important things in one video conference system, for example, V2 Technology Video Conference system. This system has been built for more than ten years. V2 got a lot of agents. They have a strong Research & Development team. They work  so hard to make sure that the new version can be release on time.

V2 Technology video conference is so safe, you can use your own server. The data will be kept in your own server. There are a lot of government organizations are using V2 video conference system. And also armies are taking this system to held some emergency solutions. Training institutions are using the system to take internet classes which are more interesting and saving resource. Businessman uses the software to save a lot of business trips.

The more important is that you don�t have to buy the specified TV, this point Apple TV cannot make it.