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Will the cloud Service replace the traditional service?


Video Conferencing software has been a lot of years. But it is not so popular.

It is report by IDC that the requirement of the video conference in the market, ut people is more interested in the software which is based on cloud service. In fact, we find out more and more video conference software based on the cloud service, conform to the trend into the market and commercially available.

 Select: build video conference or cloud?

Building hardware video conference, you should build the proprietary hardware and proprietary conference and network. All of these are advantage to the safety and stable, make sure that video effect. Of course, the weakness is obvious that it cost much, complicated and not easy to extend dilatation.

 Because of the hardware video conference�s weakness which gives the more develop space. Compare with the hardware video conference, it doesn�t need deploy hardware in advance. Just use the PC, laptop and mobile connect to the network, it is easy to handle it.

But on the other side of the coin is that the software video conference in the audio-visual experience is lack of assurance, which often give people bad experience and low application feeling, Although there are some manufacturers release some HD video conference service, but there is no substantial promotion in the user experience. What makes the hardware video conference system still occupy the mainstream of the domestic market.

But the new version of the V2 Technology video conference system has been released and the HD video conference option has been proved so much. You can change the video resolution to make sure the video fluency. There are also has a lot of new functions. In the next news I will introduce more of them to all of you.