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New version, new functions, new use


You know the very version of the software they are all improved and add more functions.


The first advantage is you can use any phone to take part in the conference. You know the 4G times is coming, there are more and more people use the phone more and more, and even when they are in the travelling you can use your phone to hold a important conference. Video conference is getting popular, it is not expensive and so convenient, this is an information time, you have to learn how to save time. Not only for the huge company but also for the small enterprises they are all need the video conferencing system.


The video conferencing can be used in a lot of industries like education, bank, government, Insurance company, training and hospital and so on. For example, in the hospital there are always emergency, when they need the help of the professor�s but they cannot go to hospital right now, then the hospital can use the video conferencing system to make the professor join the operation. Like a operation live, there is not limited where is the professor, if he doesn�t take the laptop it is ok, he can use his phone to join the conference which connect wifi , 3G or 4G. That is a sample for using V2 video conferencing system.

Of course, there are a lot of samples in other industries, if you want to know more you can take a look of our website�s page named solution, there are parts of our clients, including how they use our video conferencing system, and why they like to use our video conferencing system, maybe you can find some points are the same.  

It is a technical time. Maybe decades later, when we are dead we even don�t need to write our name in the gravestone just write a  2-dimensional bar code belonged to ourselves when someone use phone to scan your 2-dimensional bar code, they can read the story about all of your life. If we want to live better, you should try something new which will make you better.