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Spring Festival is coming V2 Video conference sends our best wishes to you


The Chinese new year is coming, so there will be a week holiday, before the Chinese new year holiday, we will release a new version. Please pay more attention.

Through the holiday, the office will be closed. But the Email is still working. You can send the email to get help, if you have some emergency you can send the Email or make a call to our technical guy. Or call the sales, they will support the help which they can do.

When the Chinese New Year comes, we send our wishes to our family and friends, we send the wishes by telephone, from last year, there are more and more electronic wishes like wechat wishes. But there is another way to give our new year wishes that is to use a video conference system, through the system you can invite a lot of your friends, if they cannot go to your home, or you have accept the invitation, but there is some reason you cannot make it. Then you can use the video conference to send your video wishes. Especially, for now, there are more and more people like to spend their holiday time by traveling. But for the traditional Chinese New Year, the family and friends should get together like the Christmas day.

If we want to go outside spend our holiday time, but for our family, they cannot all go traveling that means we should send our wishes for them. But what is the feel they are like most? How we can give them a real feeling like we are sitting on their side? Of course, it is the video that they can see our face, but if you have time, I suggest you to go home and stay with your parents for several days. As our parents are getting old and we are not sure how much time they have left, don�t make yourself regret, so if you don�t have time to stay with them when the spring festival coming, you maybe have a video conference with them. Then even you cannot go back for them, they will feel better, much better than the text or a call.

More information for our video conference, please click the V2 video conference .