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The detail for the V2 Technology,Inc will go to the Tailand to have a week annual conference


As I said before, we will go to Tailand to have a week conference holiday from 18th March to 24th March, but don�t worry, there will be some colleagues who stay at the office, so if there is something wrong with the conference you can call the office and they will support the best help for you. If they really can�t help to save the problem, please be patient, we will save the problem ASAP.


During that week, I am afraid you can�t apply the new USB Dongle, if you want to apply the new USB Dongle please connect us before the 4:30PM 17th March. There will the technical guy can help to save the problems. And there is the technical guy�s phone number: 18629088035 for the Chinese customers.


For the oversea agents and customers, you can contact our oversea sales manager Steven whose Email is: If you have something emergency, you can call him and his phone number is 13521353107. He won't go to the Tailand, so for the oversea business,  it is working like before.