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V2 technology may support telemedicine video conferencing for Nepal earthquake area


There was an LV 8.1 earthquake happened in the Nepal, a lot of people died. When the earthquake disease happened, our government took some rescue measures to the affected area. When the earthquake happened there were still a lot of Chinese travelling in Nepal, so Chinese government sent the airplan to pick up the Chinese travelers. Because of the earthquake, there are still a lot of the people who got hurt. They are still need the big help.

As also because of the earthquake, maybe the disease will be happened. So they need the better medical environment to take care of the wounded, and some wounded need a surgery that means they need some doctor�s help, then the HD video conferencing system did a huge help. It can make the surgery did successfully. Of course, there are a lot of medical staff who come from all over the world, they do a lot of medical help and save a lot of people. When the wounded were hurt too bad, when the medical staff need to discuss with the other colleagues, they can use the telemedicine system. Through the system, even though you cannot go to the surgery scene. More info:  HD video conferencing  . 

It is reported that the wounded number is almost 9 thousand, that means we need do our best to help them.