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V2 HD Video conference system makes a blue sky for our next generation


Video conferences are held everyday, no matter the emergency accident or the annual conference, especially after the government cut down the cost of the officers�, the video conference system is more popular, the officers can sit on their own offices to take part in the conference.

You know what, maybe someone think if it is safe? I can promise you it is absolutely safe, as you can use your own server and build a system which only you can control. If you record the conference, it is OK, the recorded video is saved on your server that means you don�t need worry the safety.

There are a lot of officers� car is cancelled, for the environment good, we have to take the public traffic tool like bus or subway instead of driving the car, and there is more info, if you can cancel some conferences for the business travel, you can use a video conference to take place of business travel so that you can save a lot of business cost as the same time you can make some contribution to our environment.

I think we should encourage people to cut down the cost of the business travel, we can take the public bus and subway to go to work. As the environment is getting worse, for all the people and our next generation think, we should do our best to protect the only earth for the people we care about. For the businessman, they have to make a conference with the customer, so we can suggest them to use the video conference system with customers. Then both all them can save a lot of cost.

All the above are the reasons of why you need video conference system, so think about that for the people we do care about and who take care about us. And we really should think about that for our next generation. What do you think? So come on just apply a free trail