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V2 BizCom 4.0 will be released


V2 BizCom 4.0 will be released, there are some new functions. 

Main functions 

In the conference, point to point, point to points files transfer,

You can click it to upload and download files and exchange files with file cabinets.

V2 BizCom supports multi-channel video transmission. By clicking the user bar of user list, corresponding video window can be opened or closed.

The shared documents support various printable documents, like those in Powerpoint, Word, Excel, pdf and image format. The speaker can select on this page the existing documents in the cloud or click the ?Share Local Documents?button to upload local documents. After the speaker selects the documents needing to be shared, the speaker can click ?Sharing?. After this, the document will be displayed in the operation area, as can be seen in the follwoing figure.

Mobile client add IOS

Change Skin

You can click the [Create Group] option from the right-click menu to open the dialog box, entering the name of the group in relevant column and select [Confirm] option to finish this operation. The newly added group will then appear in your contact list area.

Linked to Email, conference voting

The moderator can control permission on speaking, marking, inviting other users into the conference room, speech motivation, creating mixed video, starting on-demand recording, and starting live broadcasting.

Organizational structure demonstrates the real directory schema of an enterprise. As the figure shows below, you can click the?Organizational structure?tab to open the interface of enterprise organizational structure, so as to check all user lists within the organization.

On this page, users can do operations e.g. checking colleague�s files, sending message, video and voice conversation, file transfer, phone interoperation, SMS communication, adding as friend, creating departmental chat, initiating departmental conference, etc.

BizCom manage system: support servers cluster management

Improve and enrich the version 2.0

About V2 Technology Inc

Founded in 1999, V2 Technology Inc is a Beijing-based network multimedia and communication software development and service provider. V2 is a leading Chinese network multimedia and communication software and solution provider that has a set of patented core technologies and a team comprising experienced IT professionals in the industry.

Today, V2, with its expertise in the multi-media communications domain, has become a leading force in Greater China in terms of network video-conferencing technologies and market share and gained the trust of overseas investors including AsiaTech Ventures, PCCW-HKT, Netrove, and Fortune Telecom which provide a strong Hi-Tech venture capital support to V2.Partnering with leading vendors in the industry, V2 is an authorized HP ISV solution provider, a member of Intel EAP, and also a supplier for Intel�s Digital Home.

Our leadership derives from our long-standing dedication to product innovations and R&D efforts. Deeply-rooting in Chinese market allows us to know more about our local customers. We, as the network video-conferencing leader, envision to bring more values to our customers and build a long-standing partnership with our customers.