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V2 Technology wishes you happy Chinese Dragon Boat Festival


The Chinese traditional festival Dragon Boat Festival is coming on 20th June, there will be a three-day holiday including the weekend. The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is an interesting festival, some place they are holding the boating game, and eat rice dumpling, but there are still some place they don�t eat the rice dumpling they will have dumpling. The south of China the most cities they like the rice dumpling, but on the other side the north of China, they like the dumpling so much. They are all called dumpling, but they are quite different food.


During this festival, we will have a three-day holiday, but it is including the weekend, so that means there is just one day we are not going to the office, but if you get some emergency, you can call our technical guy directly, for the oversea customers, you can send our sales manager Email. I am sure they will reply you ASAP.


At the last, may you have a good time during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and maybe you can buy some traditional Chinese rice-pudding to have a taste.