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How to choose a suitable video conferencing product?

Jan 7, 2013

Video conferencing as one part of the modern office systems which has become a well-known thing, it greatly shortens the remote distance, you do not need to travel, you can also easily exchange video conferencing, greatly reducing office costs, improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness. But in the market there are dozens of different types of video conferencing products allows procurement officers to pick dazzled. Now, who has 10 years experience in the field of rich media and video conferencing before the WebEx experienced experts Jobs compared dozens of commercially available video conferencing products, summed up the points to buy the know-how, for reference only.

Pick the video conferencing products suited to your overall network environment

Currently on the market WebEx, Seegle, V2 Technology, CC video, and more than ten kinds of network video conferencing products are able to support the transnational exchange of voice and video, but can effectively solve the Telecom and Chinese Netcom north-south communication bottleneck only Gensee and V2 Technology, as the interaction of a handful of manufacturers. Facing cross-border applications, users need to choose carefully.

Correct understanding of "HD" Misunderstanding

HD is a hot topic in the field of video conferencing, in recent years, which is gradually coming into the slogan of the video conferencing products. For users who do not understand the video conferencing that only supports high-definition video conferencing is good, the higher clear and good value for money, but this is a big misunderstanding. Gensee, V2 Technology, and so many brands can support more than two from 160P to 1920P from "low" to high-definition video, Gensee, as interactive can even support 25-way high-definition video. But to consider the suitability of their own use, not to neglect their own network carrying capacity. When there are 5-8 points for each point of the 5-way meeting 1280P HD in order to safeguard the smooth meeting, all the branches have to get at least 8M line. Expert tips, research firm statistics most of the meetings were conducted in low-definition environment, network video conferencing applications 320P or 640P sufficient to resolve the day-to-day needs. In addition, the application of the multi-channel video scenes are few, the meeting is not possible at the same time listen to people speak, open multiple video screens will occupy a larger bandwidth. If the user is only 2M bandwidth, you can barely support 1280P 2-way video conferencing, and therefore be able to support multiple HD functionality is good, but does not support high-definition video products which are not so bad.

Try to choose which is convenient to operate products

More and more users of video conferencing, choose a convenient product become common expectations, this can minimize the training cost of the enterprise video conferencing products. Present, it is recommended which don't need to install client mode, you can participate in the meeting through the pages quickly, the need to install client's products are not only a waste of a lot of training time, there will be all kinds of compatibility, stability, security, impact users. In particular, in order to meet the user in the conference of the local area network, private network and public network environment, for different computers and networks, need to re-install configuration is extremely cumbersome. The Gensee, WebEx, V2 Technology, and other products easier, you can easily start directly through the web, to attend meetings, to save a lot of training time.

Do not request too many functions and ignores the fundamental needs

There are many video conferencing vendor product integrates a number of functions. Specialized agencies have done market research, video conferencing which has the vast majority of functions are the most basic core functions, including audio and video, document sharing, desktop sharing and E-vote. Ability to provide clear and stable audio and video communication services, whether compatible with a variety of modes of conference documents (including PPT, word, excel, etc.), the stable and smooth support desktop sharing and conferencing applications accounted for more than 95% of the time, some manufacturers in the integration of a large number of irrelevant features while serious impact on the quality of the audio and video transmission. In the selection of suitable video conferencing which is not the forest for the trees of additional features confused, which need to grasp the fundamental demand more attention to the basic functionality of the application.

Select the appropriate ways to buy

Higher purchase cost of the market's overall video conferencing system, the experts recommended hiring mode, more economical and reasonable, a lot of low cost. But if you have a lot of users then buy it which is the more save money way. If you choose incorrectly, you can cause the loss of vacant resources and costs. Expert tips Gensee and V2 Technology two of the few manufacturers to provide a small meeting rooms, as a department-level meeting, so you can also save a lot of funds in the purchase of enterprise-class conferencing products.

The last point is that the Follow-up services cannot be ignored.