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Video conferencing systems type analysis and how to select them with selection skills

Jan 16, 2013

We talked about how to choose a video conferencing product in the last blog, and now I would like to tell you how to select the type of video conferencing which are based on systems analysis and selection skills.

Generally, purchase video conferencing systems from three aspects considering the vendor level, product level, individual application level. Through a measured comprehensive comparison of the three aspects, you can get your suit video conferencing system.

At the vendor level, the user must select the mainstream manufacturer which is worth to be trusted, which is mainly based on three factors. First, the mainstream manufacturers are generally by strong research and development, to master industry-leading technology, can fully guarantee the customers to buy the products of leading; Second, the mainstream manufacturers roots in the industry for many years, has a lot of success stories, real-world experience is more abundant, complex environmental response capability, to provide users with more rationalization recommendations in the installation process. Furthermore, mainstream manufacturers have a sound service system for the routine maintenance of the user to save a lot of trouble.

At the product level, users buy products to comprehensive survey of video conferencing systems, audio and video technology, network operating environment as well as a variety of auxiliary functions. Video conferencing systems on the market are currently divided into two types of SD and HD, HD refers to 720P, a maximum of up to 1080p Full HD. A wonderful video conferencing system should include audio and video interactive data sharing, whiteboard, E-vote and a variety of software functions critical to the day-to-day application of the user. In network operation, the user should try to choose a product with strong network compatibility, able to adapt to the Internet, MAN, LAN, VPN and satellite network and other networks, and facilitate future applications.

Personal level, when purchasing products, the first, user must clear the direction of their own applications, as guidelines for purchasing products, cannot blind greed more for wide, resulting in unnecessary waste of capital. The same time, the choice of high-definition products with SD, you want to own the network environment in the first place, if bandwidth not meet the requirements, you cannot simply achieve HD effect, but not as good as SD affordable. In addition, users should pay attention to in the purchase of new products associated with the existing equipment, to make full use of existing equipment to maximize resource utilization, and cost savings.

All the above, it is one point: you should select the suite product for you. No matter how powerful the software is, when you don't need that foundation it is not useful but it also will cost your money.

I hope when you read it all, you will know how to select the type of video conferencing systems analysis and selection skills.