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Select video conferencing software: The key is "how to have a conference"!


As enterprise customers, especially small and medium customers, customers with limited budgets, how to choose a video conferencing system? The answer is not complicated; there are three major selection modes.

 Firstly, find out what the others use and which video conferencing system the government use, for example, PetroChina and Sinopec, or their closed enterprise, industry partners what is video conference software they are using; secondly, compare which video conferencing system is more advanced and introduce is more fancy, whose technology is more powerful patented technology; third, through the in-depth study of their business flow, find out what they need in the end, buying the right product which is more easy to upgrade and open.

Those three methods are all rationality. For example, referring to someone else's way, if you really have a suitable reference target, it would be a multiplier method; but take advanced products as the main choice points, also in line with the technology industry's most popular way " the way of thinking" - no one wants to buy products that are so soon to be eliminated. However, these two methods are also prone to "selection bias": the product is certainly good, but does not apply to their own business processes ultimately. Therefore, the best way is to choose the third one with their business requirement as the key of choice principles.

However, for many people, "business requirement" This statement is still not realistic. Then a small company will be perfectly formed, includes all aspects of the business process. There are variety of business sectors which can decide what "video conferencing" system to buy, for this issue it can be more simplified again: the thinking "business requirement" into thinking "how to get a meeting."

Core applications and significances of video conferencing systems cannot be without "meeting" this term. Video conferencing systems� invention is to be able to solve the "different geographical areas within the staff meeting immediate problem" better - perhaps, the telephone communication, telegraph communication, e-mail communication has been part of the solution "to instantly meetings in different regions," the problem before. However, these methods cannot communicate " like face to face", unable for body language, many people focus on the emotional attitude convey to each other, thus resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of communication. If use high-definition video conferencing systems, then these problems will be solved: high-definition synchronized audio and video application will maximize create face to face consultation to a similar atmosphere and effect.

However, the significance of high-definition video conferencing systems is not only to "between person and person communication," but also "between people and things" is a good helper in communication - at this point, the traditional telecommunications technology cannot be compared. Through HD video, it is able to demonstrate specific product, file "operation, debugging, application, and final results" in real time. As such magic of video conferencing, distance selling industry can be taken to make examples: For traditional telephone sales, people have to understand the product completely by listening, speaking, asking and everyday experience of reference.

However, became a television sales, you can specifically demonstrate, to show product details, then selling will be closest to the real effect. - Video conferencing system extends communication between "people and things" which is the industry mentioned most frequently "office synergy" the core part of the application. Knew the significance of core applications and video conferencing systems, it can be used together with technical systems and enterprise "daily business", especially the "meeting" process integrated.

Let�s go on with the topic "How to meet": This problem can be broken down into the following situation. 1 conference is a convey type of meeting, the core leadership speech, sector leadership position then it is completed; 2 conference is a discussion of the meeting, there are many real-time speech, specific files, items display; 3 meeting is a learning conference, mainly keynote speakers, auxiliary part is the questions asked by the staff, showing mostly file-based; 4 meeting is temporary meeting new people join at any time, and even join other means of communication and systems; 5.conference is moving meetings, major conferences presiding officer does not move, but the other conference participants join an independent group, it is more like one meeting keep going; 6 meeting is based by observing the scene, requires a variety of communication support, dual double display, mobile communications support; 7 meeting is saving crisis and decision-making which requires special equipment and a variety of communication signal support systems support and so on.

Those classifications above, it is difficult to cover all of the conference system scenarios. However, it can be summed up a series of product application features by these analyzes: First, As already mentioned "multi-people communication", "communication between people and objects" and "multi-communication" and so on , but there will be another problem, that is compatible requirement. This compatibility includes two meanings: First, the system can be extended functionality, software escalating, more unified communications integration concept; Second, this system can connect seamlessly with the external brand products with the application. Especially the last one is the necessary condition to a good video conferencing system. For example, corporate sales and R & D departments may also need to communicate with customers. However, corporate customers have no "obligation" to purchase exactly the same video conferencing systems like us. In this case, V2 video conferencing systems can play better application effect: The system uses the H.264 High Profile algorithms, support the broadband adaptive, saving 50 percent of the bandwidth requirements in the same video quality, be able to adapt "Different and worse broadband environment"; this system uses H.323 and SIP dual protocol, widely compatible with other mainstream video conferencing systems and terminals, unified communications platform and IP-PBX, allowing users to upgrade expansion; Use the smart phones, Pad to achieve interoperability of various communication systems integration technology to expand the scope of the outer periphery of the application and compatible products.

Currently, video conferencing systems have been used extensively in many other areas of life and management. Especially for small and medium enterprises, reduce travel costs, improve communication efficiency, assistant business development, video conferencing is becoming an essential business tool. Select a good video conferencing system has become a "compulsory" for the IT departments and the major departments. The purpose of this blog is telling people that the "how to have a conference" is such a simple model, "high-tech is not complicated," select applications can be so simple.

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