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Live video classroom effect is much larger than face to face teaching


"2014 the second International Online Education Summit " ended in Beijing on October 21st. The summit issued a "live classroom - a new starting point of online education," keynote speech, parsing the evolution of live classroom and the value it brings to users. And now there are a lot of systems are support the video conference, but you know V2 conference system is most used in training and in the teaching now.  


"Live classroom effect is much larger than the original video on demand, even higher than the face to face classroom" theory point of view, this is mainly due to the live classroom "efficiency" and "effectiveness." We believe that face to face is indeed mandatory, teacher supervision and other advantages, however, as the most expensive way of teaching, but not too much interaction, it may not be the highest attendance activities. Demand has advantages teacher teaching resources, a large number of teacher recorded for the users to repeat courses on demand, but interactive, timeliness and mandatory are weak. In contrast, the benefits of live in these areas have reached a balance, have a good time, interactive, mandatory, as well as the teacher has both cost and time. I am sure that students and teacher will love this way.


The last lecture, they recommend that educational institutions peers can really focus on their good place to put their own platform, content and operational services do. As a live, this is not just a tool of communication, is more of a platform for the formation of a courseware and repeated viewing use. More info is the courseware after class are doing great help and inspiration subsequent, so they attached a live, on-demand, combined with face to face, and continuous innovation. Like the V2 conference system, you know it is more and more popular and using in the live classroom for the training and teaching.


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