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Malaysia's AirAsia accident told us something


It is reported on this Wednesday, Asian airlines passenger plane lost from Indonesia to Singapore, transportation officials say Indonesia, the lost AirAsia jet which was carrying 162 people. According to the legal evening news officer reported that Indonesia media quoted transportation officials said that Indonesia surabaya airasia flight to Singapore QZ8501 tower lost in flight and Jakarta, are scheduled to arrived at Singapore's changi airport at 8:30 on that morning.

QZ8501 Indonesian transportation officials Hadi Mustofa reasonably media said the flight early on that morning, local time 0617 and Jakarta air-traffic controllers lost contact, and the official noted that the flight before missing applied for an unusual route.

Asian airlines "AirAsia" abstract, referred to as "AirAsia, was founded in 2001; Is Malaysia's second international airlines, as well as Asia's first low-cost carrier. Airasia has been committed to low-cost flights, make "now everyone can fly" faith to become a reality, and six consecutive years won the award for the "world's best low -cost airline.

The searching organization held a video conference to release the result, but unfortunately there is not good news for us. They still don�t find the plan. But this morning they found a door which seems to be the missing air plan. If it is, that will be the best news for today, because if they really find the door of the plan, they can be probable to find the rest. I hope there are more survivors. You know there are more and more air accidents, especially for the Malaysia Air.

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There are good news and bad news. The good news is that they have found the rest parts of the air. When they didn�t find the last part of the airplan there is still hope, but now the hope is gone. They don�t find the survivors just found three bodies and a package.