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Video conference system is used in the Insurance industry


There are more and more cars on the street, that also means there are more and more accidents, on the other words, the insurance company are too busy to take care all of the accidents. So I would like to tell you a system which can save a lot of the time. It is the V2 video conference system.

     For example, when there is an accident happened, someone called the insurance company to take a look and make sure there is real accident happened. And then they can use a phone to deal with the accident, actually they use the phone to send the accident video to their office, and they can deal with the accident ASAP.

    That means when the insurance company use the video conference system, they can save a lot of time. And they can build the server yourself and then they collect the video themselves. When you build the system and use them, you will find out the system make your work so easy.

    Next time, I will introduce the V2 video conference system used in the education. Please pay more attention.