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Video conference system is used in the education


This blog we will talk about the video conference system is used in the education. As we know the online classroom are more and more popular. They get the advantage for example, the students don�t need go to the school, or even you don�t need to have a classroom. You just need internet and a set of video conference system. Use the video conference system, you can make the students answer the question or make an E-voting.


For the E-voting, it is simple to handle, if you are a teacher, you give a question and you want to students to make more interaction with you. You can make a seating chart and share the seating chart to the all students.


For the teachers they can use the free time to help the parents to remote interaction. The technology is variety, the children need learn a lot of knowledge that they are so tired than us. Internet is more and more popular and used in more and more industries. Like in the training conference, if there are too many people need to take part in the conference, but they cannot all come to the training conference. So there is the solution you can use a video conference system to build a video conference room, then for the students they can use a computer, Pad or even Phone to enjoy the training conference. Especially for now, the 4G time is coming, so if we use the phone to take part in one video conference, it is simple and clear.


That is the video conference system is used in education, of course there are a lot of universities are using our system, they use the system to training teachers, exchange ideas or invite someone a application for a job and so on.


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