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Chinese Spring Festival is coming, V2 video conference does help


Chinese Spring Festival is coming all the traffic are so busy, all the people who are working outside of their home, they will go home for the Chinese New Year, it is the most important festival in China, a lot of people cannot go home for all the year, but when the Chinese New Year is coming, they will figure out the way to go home, no matter take a train, bus, airplan or drive themselves. So the traffic office is so busy. They need video conference system to handle the emergency accidents.


For example, when the accidents happened, they need some leader to direct the emergency situation. Chinese Spring Festival is the so much busy time for the traffic department, especially for the big cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and so on which are the economy developed cities. So there are so many people who come from the other city but they work in those cities. When the Spring Festival is coming, all the people gonna go home, it is the time all the family get together. This year, it is reported that there will be 2.8 billion people have a trip in 40 days from yesterday. That means it is a huge ordeal for the traffic. The video conference system is the so important tool to take care of the traffic. The system can be used in everywhere no matter the control center or train station, air port, bus station and so on.

Like our system is used in the government, there is the command center, for any emergency situation, they can send the solution in time. It is a huge system each city can use.