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Under the Dome: V2 video conference gives us the possibility to change


�Under the Dome� is so popular now, which is made by Chai Jing.

Under the Dome V2 video conference

As an ordinary office worker, we are the victim of the environment but also the maker. These years, it is always reported, as the office worker go for a business travel too frequently by taking plane and stay in the room which are with the air condition, then the carbon emission reaches up to 12 Ton. So people gave the office worker another name: �environment killer�, just because they are always going travel for business. Fortunately, the communication technology is developed, so we can use the video conference system to instead business travelling.


Travel frequently, pollution, video conferencing can replace

White-collar frequent travel, not only to white-collar overworked, but also greatly increases the carbon emissions, but also not the most effective way to solve the problem of communication, so it seems a lot of travel can be replaced by video conference, you can just use a phone , you can quickly initiate a remote video conference, regardless of where the participants can receive an invitation immediately, and use of existing PC, smartphone, tablet, or a hardware video conferencing terminal or PSTN phone to join the conference. Therefore, the rational use of video conferencing and remote video technology to reduce unnecessary travel, reduce the aircraft, cars, hotels, etc. The frequency of use, we will be able to bring major changes to the environment. And that is every worker can do.


Fixed network that will provide high-definition video conferencing hardware through services to people living in different regions can be achieved HD communicate face to face so that business people can be away from the travel back and forth, tiring, just sitting in the meeting room will be able to remote meeting. Get rid of the shackles of travel, improve communication efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions which are caused by transport and accelerate a low-carbon economy.


Under the Dome, HD video conferencing hardware service will be the best choice, video conferencing is not just a software, a computer terminal, but a new mode of communication. Haze beneath the dome, wake-up call to the world, when we think that we are still far away from the haze, in fact it is already in the erosion of my environment, damage our health, but it's just a microcosm of the global environmental cause, but it is enough to make us act, let's go for a change, new era office mode, not environmental polluters, which can see the future of the Earth.

V2 video conferencing software service allows you to: grasp the present, control the future. Under the Dome, green office, energy conservation is the better policy!