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Apple WWDC 2015 Developers Video Conference will be held on June 8


This Monday, Apple announced WWDC Developers Video Conference 2015 will be held in San Francisco Moscone West from 8th Jun to 12nd June, Apple will provide developers with the largest-ever live video conference, and will be awarded Apple Design Awards Design Award.


Apple WWDC 2015 Developers Video Conference will be held on June 8 (Picture from Apple Developer)


    Current to at 10:00 on April 17, developers can apply the WWDC tickets through the website, tickets will be issued in the form of randomly selected. The developers will know the apply results in Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, April 20 before 17:00. In addition, the Assembly WWDC will provide 350 scholarships to the students from all around the world and participate in STEM members of the organization got a chance to win free tickets.


    Philip Schiller, senior vice president of global marketing, Apple said: "App Store App Store spawned an application ecosystem, the ecosystem surprisingly simple, forever changed the lives of customers, worldwide created millions employment opportunities. We will share the Worldwide Developers Video Conference on the latest technology and developers of IOS and OS X, and we cannot wait to see what research and development of next-generation applications they develop in the end"


    The theme of the Developer Video Conference is "The epicenter of change," Apple will be expected to demonstrate next-generation mobile operating system IOS 9 and desktop operating system OS X, and will introduce eco-development Apple Watch, as well as the latest intelligent developments progress of the home platform HomeKit and medical platform ResearchKit.


At the same time, Apple will hold more than 100 speakers from more than 1,000 engineers, technical activities, and through practical laboratory to help developers integrate new technology and improve its application, issued by the Apple Design Awards Design Award, for commending the past Launched in the best applications.