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The remote training conference system is more and more popular


There are more and more companies need the training, so there is another industry is more and more popular which is the training, but for the training company, if they go for a training, they need a week to stay there that means the teacher or the professor have to spend a week time and money, there you have to book a hotel and have meals that means cost.

So that is the reason video conferencing system is more and more popular, as it can save the all unnecessary cost. You can use V2 remote training video conferencing system which you need is just a computer, a phone or a Pad, then the admin will create a video conferencing room link and you can use the link and add your username and password. Then the remote training system has all the functions like the real classroom, if you are a teacher who response for the training, you can do whatever you want like in the real classroom. You can make them to answer your questions or make a voting

There are more and more training institutions using this remote training system, no matter how many people there are in the same remote training conference room, there is no problem, as we have tested the impact of the one thousand people in the same video conference room at the same time and the good news is the impact is great. If you want to see more video chats that means you need a wonderful network environment, about the software we will handle it and make it more perfect.    

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