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Smoking ban has been released which brings more chances to help you


From the day that the smoking ban was released in Beijing, the smoker cannot smoke in the offices and anywhere in the office building, of course you can smoke at home. Besides that, you cannot smoke in the rooms, only not including the square and all places where don�t have the roof.

As we all know, you cannot smoke in the airplane, now after the smoking ban released, you cannot smoke in any train and station. So if you are a smoker, the business travel will become a torture, and you can neither smoke in the offices, so if you want to smoke during the conference, you can use a video conference system to enter a conference and you can take part in the conference at home. Of I don�t suggest you keep smoking, if you quit smoking that would be the best. But I also know it is not so easy to quit smoking as we say.

Even though you are successful to quit smoking, the video conference system is also good for you, as the business travel is so tired and boring the more important point is spending money and time, oh, yes, there still have the huge risk, as the airplane accidents are happened frequently in these several months, the best way for all good is using the video conference system. And all the conference matters in the conference room, you can use video conference system to vote about the case, you can share Doc, Word, PPT, Pdf and so on.

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