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HD video conferencing has been used between the branches frequently


As we know it is a technological times, everything is proved, you have to follow the steps or you will work so hard. Even there are more and more video conference company, like Google has been released a Chromebox which can support 20 people to take part in the same video conference. But for a lot of company, it is not enough as there are more people than 20, there are a lot of big company which has a lot of branches offices, if they connect each other and the head office by business travel that will waste a lot time and money, so the most simple way is to use video conference, as you know the video conference system is convenient.


For example, our company has more than 20 offices in the cities in our country, when we hold a conference, we use our system, just need a link or use the BizCom send an invitation to the people who you want him to take part in the conference. If he install the BizCom client he just click the Yes, and then he will enter the video conference. In our company we all have BizCom, this is a client which can chat with everyone in our company.

We are always supporting the video conference which can hold hundreds people in the same conference, we even test one thousand people are in the same video conference room. And the result is great. If we can make sure the internet speed, the video will be so fluent.  


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