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As we know it is a technological times, everything is proved, you have to follow the steps or you will work so hard. Even there are more and more video conference company, like Google has been released a Chromebox which can support 20 people to take part in the same video conference. But for a lot of company, it is not enough as there are more people than 20, there are a lot of big company which has a lot of branches offices, if they connect each other and the head office by business travel that will waste a lot time and money, so the most simple way is to use video conference, as you know the video conference system is convenient.
From the day that the smoking ban was released in Beijing, the smoker cannot smoke in the offices and anywhere in the office building, of course you can smoke at home. Besides that, you cannot smoke in the rooms, only not including the square and all places where don�t have the roof.
Video conferencing system is more and more popular in the industry. But almost systems just can build a video conference room online, but our new software BizCom which is a compositive software. You can make a chat with your colleague, and you can build a video conference yourself and invite your colleague.
A few days ago, Y2015 Video Conference was held between Chinese national copyright administration and the UK intellectual property office. The two sides have copyright legislation and practice progress, collective administration of copyright, copyright law enforcement, as well as the development of droit rights in the UK are discussed in this paper and communication. Deputy director general of China national copyright administration copyright management Tang Zhaozhi, UK intellectual property office of the international policy department deputy director Adam Williams, the British embassy in Beijing intellectual property specialist Tom duke attended the video conference.
There are more and more companies need the training, so there is another industry is more and more popular which is the training, but for the training company, if they go for a training, they need a week to stay there that means the teacher or the professor have to spend a week time and money, there you have to book a hotel and have meals that means cost.
This Monday, Apple announced WWDC Developers Video Conference 2015 will be held in San Francisco Moscone West from 8th Jun to 12nd June, Apple will provide developers with the largest-ever live video conference, and will be awarded Apple Design Awards Design Award.
�Under the Dome� is so popular now, which is made by Chai Jing. As an ordinary office worker, we are the victim of the environment but also the maker. These years, it is always reported, as the office worker go for a business travel too frequently by taking plane and stay in the room which are with the air condition, then the carbon emission reaches up to 12 Ton. So people gave the office worker another name: �environment killer�, just because they are always going travel for business. Fortunately, the communication technology is developed, so we can use the video conference system to instead business travelling.
V2 technology video conference system helps you to make your life more convenient. As we know, it is a technical times. If you want to make your life more beautiful and happy, you have to learn how to do more work in the limited time so that you can make more money.
Chinese Spring Festival is coming all the traffic are so busy, all the people who are working outside of their home, they will go home for the Chinese New Year, it is the most important festival in China, a lot of people cannot go home for all the year, but when the Chinese New Year is coming, they will figure out the way to go home, no matter take a train, bus, airplan or drive themselves. So the traffic office is so busy. They need video conference system to handle the emergency accidents.
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