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This blog we will talk about the video conference system is used in the education. As we know the online classroom are more and more popular. They get the advantage for example, the students don�t need go to the school, or even you don�t need to have a classroom. You just need internet and a set of video conference system. Use the video conference system, you can make the students answer the question or make an E-voting.
There are more and more cars on the street, that also means there are more and more accidents, on the other words, the insurance company are too busy to take care all of the accidents. So I would like to tell you a system which can save a lot of the time. It is the V2 video conference system.
It is reported on this Wednesday, Asian airlines passenger plane lost from Indonesia to Singapore, transportation officials say Indonesia, the lost AirAsia jet which was carrying 162 people. According to the legal evening news officer reported that Indonesia media quoted transportation officials said that Indonesia surabaya airasia flight to Singapore QZ8501 tower lost in flight and Jakarta, are scheduled to arrived at Singapore's changi airport at 8:30 on that morning.
"2014 the second International Online Education Summit " ended in Beijing on October 21st. The summit issued a "live classroom - a new starting point of online education," keynote speech, parsing the evolution of live classroom and the value it brings to users. And now there are a lot of systems are support the video conference, but you know V2 conference system is most used in training and in the teaching now.
Currently, video conferencing systems have been used extensively in many other areas of life and management. Especially for small and medium enterprises, reduce travel costs, improve communication efficiency, assistant business development, video conferencing is becoming an essential business tool. Select a good video conferencing system has become a
Jan 16, 2013
We talked about how to choose a video conferencing product in the last blog, and now I would like to tell you how to select the type of video conferencing which are based on systems analysis and selection skills.
Jan 7, 2013
Video conferencing as one part of the modern office systems which has become a well-known thing, it greatly shortens the remote distance, you do not need to travel, you can also easily exchange video conferencing, greatly reducing office costs, improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness. But in the market there are dozens of different types of video conferencing products allows procurement officers to pick dazzled. Now, who has 10 years experience in the field of rich media and video conferencing before the WebEx experienced experts Jobs compared dozens of commercially available video conferencing products, summed up the points to buy the know-how, for reference only.
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