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V2 BizCom



V2 BizCom is the brand new communication platform for large and medium enterprises and organizations. It converges address book, instant message, video conferencing, livecast, VOD, telephone and SMS to a single platform for easy usage, it can also integrate with OA, ERP, CRM etc. to bring together colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers etc., thus it improves the communication quality, saves cost and breaks barriers among different enterprise IT systems through unified user certification.

V2 BizCom was built as a distributed system to separate communication and service, and this will greatly lower the risk and cost of integration with existing system or extension to new services. The Cloud + Client implementation solution supports public cloud, private cloud and mixed cloud.


Main features

* Powerful communication capability

* Rich application services

* Diverse access terminals

* Advanced system architecture

* Seamless integration with third party services

* Convenient enterprise address book cloud

* Complete management and maintenance features

* Reliable security mechanism

Functions Introduction

Rich application services

V2 BizCom provides not only the powerful audio, video communication capabilities, but also IM, telephone, SMS, livecast, VOD etc. to meet enterprise communication needs.

Diverse access terminals

Except the traditional desktop access and browser access, BizCom supports access from Android and IOS based mobile, PAD, Set-top box, Smart TV etc, and the video phone based on SIP/H.323 .

User Interface