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Case study: Beijing University

Client background:

Beijing University was founded in 1898 as the Imperial University of Peking. It was the first national university in China and the first university formally opened in the modern era. It symbolized the beginning of modern higher education in China. At present, Beijing University is composed of 31 colleges and 14 departments. It offers 101 first degree courses, 224 graduate study courses and 202 PhD options. Currently, Beijing University has 30,000 students including more than 4,000 international students.

Client requirements:

Following all sorts of requirements arising from the progress of network education and the rapid development of new skills in science and high technology, in order to make a vigorous response to the introduction of information technology in international education, Beijing University decided to use a video conferencing system as a distance learning platform and a national network platform. Using advanced information technology, the school can not only overcome problems of distance and time, but can realize a distributed education model. At the same time, they have reduced the costs of copying and distributing material and allowed even more people to enjoy the benefits of higher education.

Mode of solution:

V2 Technology's V2 Conference software video conference system proved to be ideally suited to these requirements.  It stood out amidst fierce competition from products of a number of famous international companies and was selected by Beijing University.

Beijing University's conferencing and education systems are linked via the university's network, with V2 Conference system as the link, bringing teachers and students together and giving them real time audio and visual communication and shared data operations.

In Beijing University's large convention hall there is a main meeting place, fitted with dedicated cameras, a complete sound system, LCD televisions and projectors and so on. This headquarters can see every classroom (subsidiary conference room) via LCD screens and projectors, the cameras can also individually divide the picture of the main conference venue and send a complete image of the main hall to teachers and students using the video conferencing system. In each subsidiary classroom, using desktop and laptop computers, the classroom and individual terminal cameras can transmit images from that location back to the main conference venue. When the video conferencing system is used for e-learning, it is an even more effective aid to communication for teachers and students.

On this network platform, the high quality of V2 Conference system's sound and the clarity of its video allows a wide range of essential tasks to be easily performed, such as folder and file sharing, VoIP, teaching and research, everyday school management conferences, work summaries and reports, professional training, project discussions, remote interviews and student recruitment and so on.

Practical results:

V2 Conference system provides the clearest and most fluent visual and aural results of any in the industry, making every kind of administrative work and mutual activity in the school run smoothly and fluidly, and making the most effective and timely use of the available teaching materials. Moreover, the system has abundant data capabilities and is flexible and simple to operate. In actual class situations, using distance learning methods teachers can carry on prompt two-way, or even multi-way, communication with students, answer questions and resolve problems and straighten out confusions. At the same time the system supports real-time recording, the creator of the class content can, while teaching, record sound, video and an electronic lesson plan to directly create multi-media classroom material. Also, recording selection allows material on the server to be freely selected for viewing at any time. Using this kind of system, the school achieves excellent educational results and students receive a high quality curriculum. V2 Conference system design is simple, convenient to use, even non-expert computer users can easily manage it.

Client appraisal:

Since the system was implemented, it has already borne the brunt of the weekly cycle of conferences, lectures, question and answer sessions, students' revision and so on. Teachers and students have remarked very favorably on it. "Sound is clear and vision fluid. The system is very stable and can penetrate firewalls. Desktop sharing and distance training are particularly outstanding." This was the opinion of the school managers and the system's administrators.