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Case study: Korean Hanhwa Group

Client background:

The Hanhwa Group was formed in 1952. As a composite enterprise with many diverse components it has already become the tenth largest industrial group in Korea. The group has 34 national subsidiaries as well as 43 network branches and subordinate structures worldwide. Currently, the three central concerns of the group are: construction and building, finance, service and leisure.

Client requirements:

Through connections via a video conferencing system, to link together different conference locations. Every conference location, by using their own methods of connection to the Internet should be able to achieve point to point sound and video communication, transmission of files and multi-point video conferencing. Conference participants must see the conference host and hear the host speaking. Sharing of files and shared Internet browsing should be available.

Mode of solution:

V2 Conference system provided the perfect solution for the Korean Hanhwa Group.  It stood out amidst fierce competition from similar products of a number of famous international companies and was selected by the Hanhwa Group.

The Hanhwa Group and its subsidiaries connect through the Internet using V2 Conference system as a link to bring different users together and realize real time sound and video communication and data sharing. Not only ordinary PC users, but also H.323 users, mobile phone users and fixed line telephones etc can link into the V2 system.

In the headquarters of the Hanhwa Group there is a main conference venue which has dedicated cameras and a complete sound system, LCD screens and projectors and so on. From the headquarters, all subsidiary conference locations can be observed via LCD screens and cameras, and the scene at the headquarters and a panoramic view can be sent to subsidiary conference rooms. There are cameras, sound systems and projectors in each subsidiary conference location also and images from each location are transmitted in real time to the headquarters, while company employees can also use their own desktop or notebook computers as terminals to conveniently and flexibly join the conference. Employees who can't take part because they are away on business or for some other reason can join via their mobile or fixed line telephones. At the same time, users who have traditional H.323 equipment in their branch offices can use it to connect to the conference and conveniently and usefully get an audiovisual connection to the discussion. In comparison with other video conference products, such as currently available video conference rental systems, the V2 systems provides yet another benefit to the Hanhwa Group, which is information and data security. The V2 Conference server can be deployed in the headquarters of the group, giving all data and information transfers the maximum possible guarantee of security and avoiding leakage of sensitive information.

On this network platform, V2 Conference's high clarity video and sound and easy to use directory and file sharing, H.323 and VoIP extended functionality allows the Hanhwa Group to carry out management, work summaries and reports, professional discussions, training, project meetings and all kinds of vital activities.

Practical results:

Following the installation of the system, it met a great number of the Hanhwa Group's requirements for Internet based long distance conferences, distance education, professional discussion and project meetings and control. It allowed the head office and branch offices to achieve audiovisual contact and data sharing via the Internet, and gave them a cutting edge tool for network based office work and conferencing. The superior quality of the sound and video, the easy to grasp user interface, the powerful interactive conference functionality, all served to resolve problems of distance working and remote communication, giving the Hanhwa Group the best possible conditions for development and increased working efficiency.

Client appraisal:

The use of V2 Conference system at the Hanhwa group allowed internal and external users to meet in a single conference room, not only saving server bandwidth, but providing maximum convenience for users. "Reduced cost, saved time, increased efficiency" was the verdict of the Hanhwa users on V2 Conference system.