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Case study: Legend Holdings Ltd

As a forceful and strategic holding company, Legend Holdings uses a distributed company structure. Originally covering the three large areas of IT, investment and property, its five large units have very diverse operational setups, while at the same time firmly grasping their opportunities for expansion and development of new products. After 20 years of effort, in 2006 their turnover reached a total of 2.04 billion US dollars with total assets of 957 million and they paid a total of 112 million US dollars in business tax.

Client requirements:

The constituent companies, clients, retail representatives and agencies are distributed all over the country and mainly communicate with each other by telephone. If it becomes necessary to call a conference it is a big problem, all the companies, clients and agencies have to send representatives to a designated location for a physical meeting, which not only wastes time but increases running expenses. If there are important matters to discuss and the relevant personnel cannot manage to attend conferences when required, this can lead to errors in the formulation of strategy. Video communications and video conferencing are the correct solution to these problems.

Mode of solution:

V2 Conference system provides the perfect solution for Legend Holdings.  It stood out amidst fierce competition from similar products of a number of famous international companies and was consequently selected by the group.

Legend Holdings and its subsidiaries connect through the Internet using V2 Conference system as a link to bring different users together and realize real time sound and video communication and data sharing. Not only ordinary PC users, but also H.323 users, mobile phone users and fixed line telephones can link into the V2 system.

In the headquarters of Legend Holdings there is a main conference venue which has dedicated cameras and a complete sound system, LCD screens and projectors and so on. From the headquarters, all subsidiary conference locations can be observed via LCD screens and cameras, and the scene at the headquarters and a panoramic view can be sent to subsidiary conference rooms. There are cameras, sound systems and projectors in each subsidiary conference location also and images from each location are transmitted in real time to the headquarters, while company employees can also use their own desktop or notebook computers as terminals to conveniently and flexibly join the conference. Employees who can't join the conference because they are away on business or for some other reason can join via their mobile or fixed line telephones. At the same time, users who have traditional H.323 equipment in their branch offices can use it to connect to the conference and conveniently get an audiovisual connection. Because V2 Conference system is so much more efficient and has so much more functionality than the traditional telephone system, Legend Holdings moved from a system of telephone conferences to a weekly video conference for even greater directness and efficiency. Distributors, suppliers and clients can, without any additional investment or equipment, use computers to join in the video conferences.

On this network platform, V2 Conference's high clarity video and sound and easy to use directory and file sharing, H.323 and VoIP extended functionality allows Legend Holdings to carry out management, work summaries and reports, professional discussions, training, project meetings and all kinds of vital activities.

Practical results:

Legend Holdings Ltd finally decided to install a V2 video conference system. Nowadays the headquarters conducts a variety of video conferences with their subsidiaries almost every day, from the announcement of management policy decisions to departmental management discussing local problems, from ordinary workers giving progress reports to team members sharing information. Sometimes less than ten minutes after a conference ends another one will begin.

Client appraisal:

Aside from saving time, video conferencing has improved productivity and saved a huge amount of expense incurred in traveling to conferences and training locations. Originally, only through a huge outlay of travel expenses was it possible to have conferences and training, things which are now managed very conveniently via the video conference system. After installing this system, all those expenses could be cut and the original cost of the system immediately recovered, achieving the objectives of speed, convenience, efficiency and economy.