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Case study: The Pokphand Group (Thailand)

Client background:

The Pokphand Group in Thailand has over 80 years of experience. The group started as agricultural seed merchants and gradually developed from there into a plant products, fodder, aquaculture and animal husbandry products processor and food distributor and importer / exporter in a thoroughly modern agricultural chain to become a model example of agricultural industrialization in the modern age. Currently, Pokphand extends to more than 20 countries and regions and has more than 400 subsidiaries and around 200,000 employees.

Client requirements:

Video conferencing systems can fulfill the practical requirements of the Pokphand Group and its many subsidiary structures and businesses. By installing a dedicated video conferencing system at the headquarters, subsidiaries can use desktop methods, conferences can be easily from between various locations whenever required. Network voting, network training and cooperation and so on. The sound and video are natural and fluid, uninterrupted and clear, the system is economical and easy to install and maintain. It can cope with ADSL, LAN, VPN and a variety of complex network environments, firewalls, NAT and other conditions.

Mode of solution:

V2 Conference system is the perfect solution for the Pokphand Group.  It stood out amidst fierce competition from similar products of a number of famous international companies and won the tender for contract immediately.

Pokphand and its subsidiaries connect through the public Internet using V2 Conference system as a link to bring different users together and realize real time sound and video communication and data sharing. Not only ordinary PC users, but also traditional H.323 users, mobile phone users and fixed line telephones etc can link into the V2 system.

In the headquarters of the Pokphand Group there is a main conference venue which has dedicated cameras and a complete sound system, LCD screens and projectors and so on. From the headquarters, all subsidiary conference locations can be observed via LCD screens and cameras, and the scene at the headquarters and a panoramic view can be sent to subsidiary conference rooms. There are cameras, sound systems and projectors in each subsidiary conference location also and images from each location are transmitted in real time to the headquarters. Employees who can't join the conference because they are away on business or for some other reason can join via their mobile or fixed line telephones. At the same time, users who have traditional H.323 equipment in their branch offices can use it to connect to the conference and conveniently and usefully get a concurrent audiovisual connection to the discussion and a supremely convenient method of communication.

On this network platform, V2 Conference's high clarity video and sound and easy to use directory and file sharing, H.323 and VoIP extended functionality allows Pokphand to carry out management conferences, work summaries and reports, professional discussions, occupational training, project meetings and all kinds of vital activities.

Practical results:

V2 Conference system's DVD-like video and sound quality and powerful data sharing capabilities fully satisfies Pokphand's requirement for co-operability with international channels and technical standards and vastly improves internal company communications and has become a dedicated,  stable, cutting-edge working system for the Pokphand Group. Via the V2 Conference network conference room, managers can give direction and transfer documentation, giving the management of the group a "communication channel" to its subsidiaries. This stable and secure conferencing system greatly improves management and work efficiency bringing great benefits to the company and clients alike.

Client appraisal:

The V2 Conference network video conference system, by helping clients convene video conferences and facilitating all kinds of data sharing, saves printing costs, fax costs, meeting room costs and travel costs, alleviates traffic jams, saves petrol, reduces CO2 emissions and gives a truly ecologically friendly "video conference". Aside from saving time and money wasted on travel to conferences and training, it brings great improvements in efficiency and other cost savings. Originally money was spent on travel, conferences venues and training locations. These things can now be dispensed with thanks to this new system. After the installation of the system, all those expenses can be saved and the cost of the system immediately recouped and the objectives of speed, convenience and economy achieved.